Sunday, July 9, 2017

Battle Help

Whoa, haven't posted here in a long time!  Spiritual life's been busy and home life hasn't really been enough to make a post about, minus what I post on my main blogs, anyway.

Until now.

Well, for a while, I was in a funk and wasn't really taking care of anything.  Since the Vestalia in June, I've been doing more self and home care.  I'm battling against the addictions of internet and gaming; and also dealing with health problems in the family.  I'm doing pretty well with my gaming limits, but struggling against the internet limits.  I'm trying to get fill the unhealthy cravings with activities like hiking, gym, crocheting, sewing, cleaning, and other busy, yet functional tasks.

The Vestalia (June 7-15th) 
June 9th, Celebration Day

First this is a huge stuffed fox that I crocheted for the boys:

I didn't intend on this fox being this large.  I'm not a very good judge of size, especially since I don't use patterns.  But my kids love it.  Next large stuffed animal I'm making is going to be a whale for my pregnant SIL.  They're having a boy with the theme of whales.  So baby can't pull out the stuffing, I'm going to line it with fabric on the inside...or use an empty pillow case as a liner.

I'm currently working on a pouch for my oracle deck.

I know that I wanted to post more than just crochet stuff, but nothing's really changed on the home and hearth front, that I haven't posted about in my other blogs.  I was thinking about just deleting this blog, but I like having a place to talk about my crochet stuff, and other arts and crafts.

Anywho, I have to plan for my next big projects that need to be finished before October, when my SIL is having her baby shower.  I'm going to make a big stuffed whale and either a blanket or a bag.  I think she's probably going to get a lot of blankets, and honestly, you can't have too many bags when it comes to young kids!  Learned that lesson!  I'm also going to use a pillow case for the inside liner of the bag.  Pillow cases are great!

She was telling me today that she already has waaaay too many clothes!  I told her to start asking for diapers and wipes.  She's going to need those!  In fact, I may throw in some diapers and wipes once I finish the bag.

Big projects that are going to require a lot of yarn and time.  This oughta help with my addiction battles.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Scarf and Khernips

Hey, look, I finally learned how to double stitch!

Made myself a Hufflepuff scarf that I finished on the 26th (started on the 6th), and I just finished a matching left glove today.  Hopefully, I'll finish the right glove tomorrow.  It's my second scarf, and is a little wonky, but it taught me about double stitch, half double stitch, and stitch count.  

I love DS, it's simpler than I thought and it's fun.  Quicker, too.  

Tonight is Hecate's Deipnon, tomorrow is the Ancestor's Moon, which for me is the Dark Moon.  I'll be making a fresh batch of Khernips on the Noumenia, which is Sunday.  So basically, Khernips are a type of lustral water, like holy water or moon water--water that's been blessed by the Powers and used for anything, depending on the intention it was charged with.  In the case of Khernips, Hellenic Polytheists use it for purification--for cleansing oneself of miasma, which is spiritual pollution.  It's not necessarily bad, it's just like dirt you pick up throughout the day (although it can be, depending on circumstances).

It's super easy to make.  If you'd like more information, this link will take you to Baring the Aegis's tag on Khernips.  The first posts are very informative.  This is how I make it. 

- Fresh water, spring water, bottled water.  (I typically use tap).
- Salt (sometimes I use sea salt if I have it)
- A purifying herb (I use sage from my stick)
- Lighter
  1. Pour your water in a bowl or a container.  
  2. Add the salt to the water, and swirl it around--I swirl it clockwise. 
  3. Light the sage and drop it into the water, saying, "Be purified".  I speak English because I'm absolutely terrible at trying to pronounce Greek.  The Greek is, "Xerniptosia" (zer-nip-tos-aye-ee).  Instead of tripping over my tongue, I just speak my Mother tongue.  The words aren't as important as the intention behind it.  
  4. I take the water to Hestia's shrine and ask for Her blessings over it, giving my intention for it: to cleanse myself of miasma for rituals. 
  5. When I need to use it, I pour the water over my hands and sometimes face.  I may shower in it, depending on the ritual and how much of the water is left.  I bought a bowl specifically for this ritual, the ritual which is called Katharmos in Hellenic Polytheism. And I plan on crocheting myself a special towel, too.  After I finish my womanrunes bag.

And there you go, Khernips, a type of lustral water.  I renew my bottle, or "khernibeionas" (Shipping the Gods) every Noumenia--or New Moon, which is the start of the new month in HP, but I don't follow the Athenian calendar, I still use the Gregorian calendar because it's easier for me.  However, I use the Deipnon, Noumenia, and Agathos Daimon as a way to honor the dark and new moon (I'm still working everything out), as well as the Powers associated.

Yeah, making and using khernips has become a pretty important part of my Hearth and Home duties.  I hope to take photos of the process Sunday, so hopefully those will be wonderful and shareable.  

Have a good weekend.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Not So Flat Coils...

I think I'm going to make one of those Temperature Blankets that I've been hearing so much about.  It's a blanket that for each day, you crochet a line for the color that matches the temperature.  I'm lacking the colors right now, but I am keeping track of the daily temps, thanks to this local weather tracker.  Pinterest has been a help with yarn colors--a 9 color and a 17.

I've also been practicing with making flat circles for my Monster Truck Tire toys for the boys (using this tutorial for the second attempt).  It's harder than I thought, I mean, I've only been doing so for 2 days, and some progress has been made.  From a thumb hat to a doll hat now.  Still having issues with the curling in on itself.  Good for making hacky sacks or stuffed animals, not so good for the size of the tires that I need.  I'll figure it out...find better tutorial videos.

I guess I have a tire ornament now!

In the mean time, I've been working on making a rune bag for my womanrunes.  And I also realized that I'm sitting on Gryffindor and Hufflepuff colors for scarves.  I just keep giving myself more and more projects!  Especially as I grow bored with single stitch.  Next project that I make after this rune bag, I'm going to look into other stitches.  I've been looking at so many already--beginner and more advanced.  Inspiration.

Looking through one of my pinterest boards (Fun Needle-Yard Crafts), I'm also inspired to make a Twi'lek and/or Togruta  hat, after looking at this one for inspiration.  I don't know if I want it to be crocheted or sown, but the Togruta are my favorite Star Wars race and I've always wanted their montrals and lekku!  I'd be just nerd enough to add such garb to my own spiritual practices.  I already have them as part of my Artemis shrine.  A bit of Pop Culture Paganism, I've always felt a spiritual connection with the Togruta.  I had been wanting to make a Togruta inspire head scarf pattern for a while.  I'll need to research making hat next.  Surely they can't be too hard, as they seem very popular in the yarncraft community.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home Blessing

New Years Eve, I performed a banishing and letting go ritual, with the aid of Hestia, Dionysus, and Hephaestus.  After the new year came in, I performed a Home Blessing, and recharged my wards.

I cleansed my hands of miasma, using a lustral water called Khernips, and saged myself before approaching Hestia's shrine.

I saged my home, walking about saying, "In Hestia's name, I cleanse my home of negative energies and entities.  Only good may reside here."

I addressed the house spirits, reminding the old and telling the new what my home's ground rules are if one should visit or stay here with us.

I fed my House Guardians flame and energy.

I gave Hestia offerings, sprinkling them into Her sacred flame, and invited the House Guardians to assist me in warding.  Taking the protection powder, which is a mixture of salt, pepper, st. john's wort, and something else, I charged it again on Hestia's shrine, as I always do.  Then I sprinkled the powder on the window sills and threshold, repeating, "With this powder, I set up a barrier, a filter that protects this home  and its inhabitants from those who wish us harm, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual harm."

Next, I grabbed my Return to Sender oil.  This is comprised of olive oil, cayenne, and other ingredients.  All simple, all found in the pantry.  This is a weapon oil, and I don't asked for Hestia's blessings over it because of that.  This oil not only returns to sender any ill wishes or actions, but it does so with quite the kick.  A warning the first time, then an ass kicking the next.

On the outside of my home, I draw a sigil with my finger in the oil, and charge it to act upon negative energies, entities, casters, people--anyone who sends us ill will or actions meant to harm us mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

After a thorough washing of my hands, I moved onto the next step, Hestia's Ash.  I collect the ash from smoke cleansing sticks and incense, and use the ash for later spells and ritual that correspond to the whatever I was burning these things for.  Most of it is for purification and protection.  Sometimes I use this ash to mark my statues, especially the porous ones.  Once I get sealed statues, I want to ritually bath or anoint them with oils, wines, and perfumes.  Until then, sometimes I use ash or powders.

The collected ash is charged and blessed, then used to mark Hestia, then the foreheads of those who reside in this home.  Soon, I also plan on getting wooden or stone crude or primitive carvings to represent each member of this household for our Family Shrine, to mark those.  Anyway, the ash is another step of blessing and protecting us.

There's the first ritual of 2017, a simple home and family protection ritual.  Later, I'll write up a post about khernips.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Projects and a 2017 Goal for this Blog

I've finished some projects this weekend, like my mom's throw, finally.  Hafta wrap it today.

Fingerless gloves are also finished and cozy.  And they're roomy enough for gloves underneath.

As I sit here, working on a pot holder...or a dish rag...haven't decided yet, I've been thinking about all of the projects that I have in progress and all of those planned:


  1. Barn Bag
  2. Memorial Cat
  3. Pot Holder/Dish Rag
  4. Cookie Monster Bag
  5. Hestia's Banner
  6. Octopus


  1. Scarf to match the gloves
  2. Pencil Scarf for my BFF
  3. 4 Stuffed Monster Truck Tires
  4. Blobs for sons
  5. Khernip Hand Towel
  6. Yule Log

This year, I also plan on learning another stitch style.  Maybe not necessarily double, but something different.  I'm doing a coil style with the cookie monster bag, which is just a continuous single stitch, but it's giving me a different texture, which I'm happy with.
Blobs are from a PS4 game called A Boy and his Blob.  A game that my husband plays when the kids are around.  In the game, there's just this kid's best friend, a cute white blob that can transform into any shape, when it eats a certain type of colored bean.  My kids love Blob, so I figured it'd be something easy to make for them.  A big old soft pillow toy.  I haven't decided if I want to crochet it or use felt or fabric and just sew it together, and fill it with a bean bag like stuffing.  If I do crochet, I definitely don't want to use single stitch for it.  I'm kind of tired of this stitch.

My GGIL crocheted and knitted me some pot holders and dish rags for Christmas, they've inspired me to learn more stitches.  I really do love them, they're just fun colors and patterns and just lovely!  Every time I touch them, it sparks that desire to pick up my hook and yarn and just start making something.

Also I love how when I need something like rags, how I can just make them, instead of buy.  It takes a little bit of time, and yes in a way, I am buying a rag through the purchase of yarn, but it's something that I'm making with my own hands.

For #5, I've been studying Hellenic Polytheism for nearly a year, and one of the rituals that many HP's do is cleanse themselves of miasma (dirty energy, in a nut shell) before approaching the Gods.  They do so by washing their hands and sometimes faces with a lustral or holy/purified water called khernips.  I'm going to write a little post about it on this blog, because it's become an important element in my weekly home cleansing rituals.  And this is the Hearth and Home blog, after all.  Less crochet, more hearth and home posts--that's my goal for 2017.

Anyway, basically, I just want to make a towel for that cleansing ritual.  A towel that'll only be used for that task.

As for #6, I got the idea from a Facebook group, where someone had crochet one for their home.  Since mine is packed away and not exactly kid friendly, I thought about just crocheting one, too.  Maybe even making a faux candle or actually one of those LED candles would be best....  Then I could just purchase winter foliage from the Dollar Tree or something, and stick it into the stitching.  The kids could help, too.  

Yup, that's the plan project wise, and the goal for this blog next year.  More Pagan and Witchy posts having to do with hearth and home, as well as crochet projects.

Have a happy holiday and new years!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Add Another to the List, It's a Toddler Emergency!

Yesterday was Trick or Treat and my oldest went as Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines.  His favorite part of his costume is, of course, the tires.

Well, looks like I'm adding another project to my ever growing list: Stuffed tires.

He popped one of the inflatables and is really upset about it.  They sell repair kits, but I figure, ya can't pop a stuffed tire.  Even then, I have needle and thread.  So I've been looking at crocheting circles, and planning to make the tires look as close to Blaze's tires as I can.

Four circles, two with red, black, and orange hub caps.  Then two pieces of black and gray tread.  Seam it together, turn it inside out, fill it with stuffing, and sew it up.  And make little velcro handles on the inside....which I'll have to sew on before I seam and stuff anything.

With two kids, I'd have to make another set, though, I'd want to use different colors.  My youngest doesn't really watch Blaze and the Monster Machines, but tires are tires are toys, right?

I'll probably use bulky yarn to make the project go faster...and well, they're monster truck tires.  BULK IT UP!

Oh, and I did finish a project in October, a wide belt for my Cleric costume, I'll post that in my Hooker tab up there, later.

Projects I'm still working on are:

  1. Mom's throw
  2. Cookie Monster Bag
  3. Pot Holder
  4. Rice Heating Pack
  5. Memorial Stuffed Animal Prototype
  6. Barn Bag
  7. Stuffed Octopus
  8. Stuffed Tires
  9. Autumn Throw or Pillow.
The more pressing matters on here are 1, 5, and 8.  

Plus, I have two sewing projects in the works--Tarot pouches.  Those should go faster, though. 

Three things that I want for Yule: Shutterfly Gift Card, Sewing Basket Kit, and Yarns.  Lots of different colors and thicknesses.  That's it.  Oh, and the Hellenic Polytheism book about Household Worship. That's all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grief and Heart Work Projects

Went out and took advantage of a yarn sell this weekend. I bought a thing of soft, bulky brown Bernat (<-sp?), a purple for my mom's throw, and a fall green and brown for another throw that I want to make for myself.  Although I wish I had red, too....

Even though I already have....throw, pot holder, cookie monster bag, octopus, barn bag...I think that's it....6 projects going already, I started on a Miscarriage Memorial Animal for one of my friends.  It was supposed to be a teddy bear, but the shape of the ears alone changed it to a cat.  That's fine, she likes cats!  I'm going to crochet and sew an awareness ribbon around its neck.  I may make another for her living son, as well.  And make it more durable, just in case.

Since I'm not using any patterns or tutorials, I'm definitely learning from my mistakes with this bear-cat!  Good thing I'm making another right after, to apply what I'm learning, like when you're working with such small bits, to sew on the eyes and nose before you seam it up!  Oh, and make sure the button eyes are sew on in a way that it doesn't make the face look pissed off.  This cat looks so mad, lol.  I thought about sew in a smile, but then I had closed up the head already, so, next time, I guess!

I also bought some fabric so I can learn how to make divination pouches from fabric--quicker projects.  And sewing practice, I needs it.  One of the reasons why I chose to have a lot of sewing going on with the bear-cat.  That and sewing looks better than a yarn seam, it just disappears into the fluff of this particular yarn.

Plus, I want to start making rag doll and animals from cloth and t-shirts for Memorial pieces.  I'd like to start a business of Memorial things for Grief Work and Heart Work.  To spread this healing into the world.  Some things I'll sell and others I'll do for charity.

I was going to make arms and legs, but I may just make a tail to save on yarn for the bear.  Oh man, she used an elephant theme--I think--for her son.  Too bad I didn't see any gray Bernat yarn...maybe I'll go back this weekend and look again.  I also want red for my throw too....and I need a better variety of buttons for eyes and noses, too.

I'm going to be finishing this cat today and hopefully getting another block on my mom's throw down, too.Oh, this is the hot mess that is my mom's throw so far:

I started making it in my early months of learning crochet and I didn't know crap about the different types of yarns and how they might affect the width and length of your projects.  It's tapered and I'm wiser now!  I mom oughta like it....she better anyway.  If nothing else, she can or I can turn it into a pillow or pillow case....  But I've been working on this project for over a year, I am finishing it before the winter holidays for her gift!

I hope yall are doing well!