Sunday, January 19, 2014

All Right, Got Another Blog Rolling

Yep, this makes four:

Well, five, if you count my random Wordpress, Scorched Ice.

Why make another blog, one might be wondering.  Well, on my main blog, Book of Mirrors, I'm participating in the Pagan Blog Project for the third year, and I'm trying to write about new topics that it hasn't seen before, including information about the Hearth and Home.

I've written a few topics already and well, they're kind of...they don't quite fit into the overall feeling of BOM.  Maybe I'm being silly, but that's just how I feel.  Away from the virtual world, I have many books dedicated to my faith and craft, one of them is the Book of Hearth and Home, which covers Hestia, spiritual cleaning, natural recipes, and overall everything that has to do with the home and family, essentially my brand of Kitchen Witchery.

I'm hoping to put some of that binder information here, to share and to get feedback and tips.

Right now I'm working with natural cleaning solutions, such as the power of vinegar.  So, we'll see what comes of this little blogging experiment.  Maybe it'll blossom like Book or Mirrors or maybe it'll fall flat like my Handfasting blog.  We'll see.

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