Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ever the Experimenter

Earlier today, I was adding material to my physical Book of Hearth and Home, including copying some Scouring tips from Beneath a Witch's Moon.  The author has some tips for what herbs and oils to add to your powder for the different parts of your house.  One of the places was the bedroom.  For the life of me, I can't think what I'd scour (scrub) in my bedroom (without damaging the surface)?  I like her suggestions though, but I dunno.  I guess if I had tile floors, maybe.  Scouring aside, the herb/oil combinations she suggested could be used in other ways, such as spritzers, carpet fresheners (add the herbs to baking soda), an oil burner, and such things.  Even wall cleaners and window washers.  Personally, I'm not a wall scrubber, but I do enjoy cleaning my windows.

Still, I'm stocking up on borax and salt so I can try some of these powders the author provided.

A couple of days ago, while cleaning my tub, I poured some vinegar into my toilet, today, I really got to see the difference between the bowl and the wall.  Huge difference.  Obliviously the vinegar didn't cling to the wall of the toilet, therefore they stayed dirty.  Dirty indeed!  I let them get even dirtier!  I figured that the chemical reaction between vinegar and baking soda was my solution.  Today, I flushed so that the walls were wet, then sprinkled baking soda to the walls and to the bowl.  Let it sit for some time.  During this time, I also added half water and half vinegar to my bathroom sink and let it sit.

Turning back to the bowl, I added vinegar and watched it foam!  The foam climbed up the walls, almost to the lip of the toilet bowl.

I came back a bit later, grabbed my toilet brush (which I had soaking in vinegar to disinfect and clean it).  I scrubbed and flushed.  Holy crap, I don't think I've ever had a cleaner toilet bowl.  I put the brush back into it's vinegar bath, and am waiting for the bubbles to dissipate in the sink.  I filled it halfway up, so I could see if there was a difference in the sink.  If so, I'll post a picture.  Wish I had thought ahead with the toilet!

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