Friday, January 24, 2014

Hearthstone Blessing

So I posted the other day about wanting to find a non-Wiccan take on the Kitchen Witch's Creed.  Tell me how I forgot about the Hearthstone Blessing?

Hearthstone Blessing

'On this right and ready hour, We call upon the age-old power..

East and west, south than North, Ancient ones we call you forth..

Bless this hearth, bless this home, Keep all who gather round this stone.

Hide this sack of deep black coal, As we add the warmth of fires old.

Salt and stones, keep safe & sound, This witches charm is now bound.'

= Barbara Morris 2oo1


I forgot all about this piece.  I had found a meme a couple years ago and simply fell in love with it.  It's currently holding a place in my physical Book of Mirrors.  I need to edit it a bit, print this bad boy out, frame and hang it in my kitchen.

I could smack myself.

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