Sunday, January 19, 2014

Kitchen Witch's Creed

Here it is:

The Kitchen Witch's Creed

In this pot, I stir to the sun 
an' follow the rule of harming none.

Banishment of bane when goin' widdershins; 
an' with water and salt negativity is cleansed.

Household duties are more than chores. 
Magick abounds when mopping floors.

With this broom, I do sweep 
to clean my house and safely keep.

Marigold, Basil, Thyme, and Yarrow 
my spell is cast for a better tomorrow.

Lemons for joy and apples for health 
the pow'r within brings great wealth.

And, in this kitchen I do pray 
To truly walk the Witches' Way

Very well put together.  Yet, it's also Wiccan, what with the "rule of harming none".  Other than that, I do like this piece.  And have often thought about placing it in my kitchen, it's not so much a set of guidelines to follow, I just do my own thing for the most part, it's just something that I find beautiful and witchy.

For the last couple of years, I've been trying to find a non-Wiccan version.  I googled and found links to both times that I wondered this, for my Book of Mirrors and from Pagan Place, which I thought was kind of funny.

BOM, Autumn Damiana suggested, "How about replacing the first line with "In this pot I stir sunwise,"
and second line: "Sacred rite in mundane guise," since that's what Kitchen Witchery is all about!  For some reason, another thing that popped into my head was "Land and seas, sun and skies" because those are the 4 elements, described in a more practical, tangible manner".

Wow, I forgot all about her suggestions.  I think I may try some of those personal edits later, in private.

Over on Pagan Place, I got a couple of suggestions, too; I love the internet sometimes, because I am not that clever or even remotely poetic, minus those accidental rhymes!

Other than that, I haven't been lucky enough to find a non-Wiccan alternative to the Kitchen Witch's Creed. Yet, I keep searching.  But until then, well, until I can get Beluga Whale to help me out, the above will just have to do.

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