Friday, January 31, 2014

Respecting the Home and Guests

Now I can’t speak for other devotees of Hearth and Home deities, but man, pregnancy is no excuse for a dirty house, let me tell you.  I have guests coming over tomorrow (actually today, wrote this last night) and my house is a wreck.  I was going to clean, then I got a headache and was exhausted and wasn’t going to.  After my son went to bed, I just started cleaning.  I had some help from the hubs (he “straightened up” our son’s toys; well, he picked them up off the floor like I asked—kitchen, too).

I’ve done a lot of cleaning within an hour, fueled by my need to be a good hostess and present a warming, clean home to my guests tomorrow.

That’s the thing with being the devotee of a Domestic Goddess, for me anyway.  If I don’t clean up, I feel like I’m not only disrespecting Her, but also my home, my family, and my guests.  It’s like, I didn’t care enough about them to get up and present a home that they can feel at home in.  There is a bit of vanity involved, I think, too.  I want it to be presentable.  I want to impressed.  I want them to be comfortable.  Not tripping over toys, crushed goldfish, clothes, or breathing in the delectable scent of diaper and ferret cage, you know? 

No matter how exhausted I am, I’ve got to do it.  Gotta.  And my headache is somewhat gone.  House is cleaner, in better order, smells better, and my headache isn’t nearly as bad. 

I just wonder if other devotees of Domestic Deities have the same experiences?


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