Friday, February 7, 2014

Annoying Household Chores

Daily Prompt asks:
What’s the household task you most dislike doing? Why do you think that is — is it the task itself, or something more?
As a Kitchen Witch and Hestia Devotee, cleaning is very spiritual for me, however, doesn't mean that I enjoy every little aspect of my weekly/monthly/quarterly chores.  Tasks I loathe are:
  • Cleaning the oven- It's a small space, low to the ground, and I'm 6'3, 290lbs.  It ain't exactly easy for me to get down and in there.
  • Cleaning the burners- Despite that my husband has showed me how to dis- and re- connected the burners so I can access the thing underneath, I'm always afraid I'm going to do it wrong and cause a fire.  I hate electric stoves.
  • Cleaning around the toilet.  I don't mind cleaning the top and the bowl, that's easy.  Once again, it comes down to my size and the cramped space between the sink and the tub.  That and it's just nasty.  Dusty, dried pee, condensation.  Not my cuppa.
  • Cleaning the tub. It's easy enough to dampen it, and sprinkle it with some cleaner, but after it's ready to be scrubbed, it's just hard on my knees and back.  Size and cramped space once again.
One of these days, I'm moving into/having a home that's better for tall and large people.  These average sized houses ain't cutting it!
  • Cleaning the ferret cage.  Ferrets are stinky by themselves!  But then who enjoys cleaning their pet's cages?  We all appreciate it, yes, but it's still nasty and annoying, especially when he leaps and clings to the poop bag, or tries to tear into it.  I love him, but he's frustrating sometimes.  "Hey!  Whatcha doing?  I'm "helping" you!"
I don't know that there's one chore that I hate doing the most, however, I hate when I'm the only person doing the cleaning.  You're a grown ass adult, you're responsible, pick up your damn clothes, take your dishes into the kitchen, clean up after yourself.  I am not your mother.  Clearly, I'm talking about my husband.  Ugh, and he does this thing that irks the crap out of me.  He'll throw his clothes beside the laundry basket!  Beside or around it!  Are you that bad at aiming?  Even I can make the basket and I'm awful at aiming!  Or he'll drop them in our bedroom floor, when the laundry basket is maybe 10 feet away in the hallway.  If I toss it, he'll whine, "Hey, that was clean!"  And I'll retort, "It was on the floor, it's dirty."  If it's clean, why didn't you put it where it goes?  It's not rocket science, buddy!  Which is kind of funny because he does the laundry and puts it away....most of the time.  (So you don't think he's a complete oaf, he also takes out the garbage, is involved with our son [not just mommy], and cleans/cooks when I ask.  He's a good man and dad...he's just lazy with his laundry and dishes.)
  • Picking up after my husband is my least favorite household task.  Why?  Because he's a responsible, grown ass man, and I am not his mother.  Shit gets old.  I hate picking up after other people.  The only people I do it for are guests, those who ask nicely, and my son because he doesn't know how to do it yet.  Other than that, expect nagging and defiance.

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