Friday, February 14, 2014

The Doorway

This year I'm going to use the Pagan Blog Project to talk about things that I don't normally talk about.  Things which are and aren't new to me, but are new for my blog.  Often I mention that I'm a Kitchen Witch, and I talk about Hestia, my working altar, giving protection magiks, house Spirits, the giving of offerings, and things of that nature, but I don't really talk about the hearth and home, which are just as important to my Witch practices as Ancestral veneration is in my Pagan practices.

So continuing on with that plan, I've taken an idea from Tess Whitehurst's Magical Housekeeping.  Overall, it's an okay book, I found it to be a and too love and light, I just don't care for her style of writing, but that doesn't mean that I can't take anything away from her book.  The author does have some interesting points in it, such as your door. 

The door?  Seems pretty mundane, but in many places, doors--and like structures--are important in magik.  Leading from world to world.  From ignorance to knowledge.  Providing a safe haven.  Many of us are sure to protect our homes by locking our doors and windows, as well as adding powerful charms, amulets, runes, and sigils of protection to keep out unwanted people, energies, and entities.  We may even look to other doorways, like mirrors, spirit entries, and such, and are sure to keep them secure. 

I like big, old, double doors.  I'd like to have one of a tough old wood, like oak.  I'm attracted to some of the more ornate and artistic ones, the classy doors and the ones with pretty windows, but when it comes to protecting my home and family, I want something durable with strong locks, and no windows.  Windows are breakable.  Breakable means intruders can enter.  I'd rather not have that happen.  (Although they could just break any house window, but symbolically, door windows just seem like a invitation for negativity...and windows on/around your door isn't exactly gonna work against some zombies...)

In her book, the author talks about the magik of making it inviting, allowing good energies to flow.  Keeping it clear, beautiful, lively, and "entrancing":  "It is a magical tool for drawing blessings [...].  It also dictates the quality, quantity, and vibration of energy that enters" (50). 

As a devotee of Hestia, one of my duties is hospitality.  Making sure my guests are comfortable in my home.  Making my home inviting.  I like to provide a clean and organized home for my guests.  Cleanliness is important to me, I'd hope that they also feel part of it.  The air smells fresh, there's plenty of light, there's lit candles, there's plenty of seating, they know where the bathroom is, as well as everything they need to make themselves feel at home.  I'm attentive, polite, genuine, and so on. 

The inside of my home is in order, heck maybe even the garden!  So why not my door?  Yes, I have sigils of protection physically on and above it, but what about something visual.  I almost always notice a person's door, especially if it's painted a different color than the rest, if it's of a different make, or even if they've done something to dress it up, say hang a wreath, a swag, or a sign.  I appreciate a beautiful entrance.  It's very inviting.  Yes, I do judge a book by it's cover when someone's gone out of their way to paint such a picture.

If you're able, Whitehurst suggests painting your door (51):

Royal Blue: Water, Whimsy, Otherworld
Red: Protective, Energy, Blessings, Celebration
Green/Teal: Wealth, Prosperity, Enhanced Health
Black: Powerful, Strength, Career Alignment

I recently saw a teal door and wondered if it had significant meaning, other than being the resident's favorite color.  Of course, door color meaning may change depending on faith, region, type of house, realty, literature,color psychology, military, and other factors.

What Does Your Front Door Say?

Or if you don't have the chance or want to paint your door, you can decorate it with a wreath, a swag, and any number of decorations that hang or stick.  Most of the objects you can make yourself, customize, purchase (of course), and all you can charge with specific intentions, be it for filtering, protection, or attraction.

You can simply buy or make your own doormat.  Something beautiful, perhaps naturally made.  Maybe something with a pretty picture or just feels nice against bare feet.  Some don't.  Some just feel awful.  And others shed.  What's the point of having a doormat outside if you're just going to track the mat inside?  Personally, and I believe I share this with Whitehurst, I'm a fan of river stone doormats, be them real or a pattern. 

One of my weird little quirks is that I like doormats.  I'm an odd person.  Doormats, windchimes, swags, bottles, spoons--different things.  Anyway.

Be sure to keep your stoop/porch clean by sweeping.  Decorate if you want, say you have one of those stone geese.  My aunt had one that she always dressed up.  I don't know how many of yall remember that trend, but it was an epidemic.  Lots of people did, and some still do, have those geese sitting on their porches.  Personally, I'm a fan of gargoyles.  They're meant to be protectors of the home, so why not?  Perform some protection magik, giving offerings if you want, turn it into an anchor or a scapegoat, and voila!  Your own "guard dog". Although I've also seen stone dragons, owls, dogs, and fae in and around some porches.  But then what more ambiguous than a pink flamingo?  Aside from being tacky.

Decorating my stoop, I don't usually do unless it's fall and I have some gourds, wheat stalks, or a broomstick (that I won't miss if it's stolen).  I've seen others hang crossed broomsticks on their doors.  Keep it free of debris and ice, if you can.  Also might want to think about clearing your gutters, because if it's raining harder on your stoop than what's falling from the sky due to overflowing gutters, well, might be time to do something about it.  Can't clean it yourself, make a report to you landlord or rental office.  I'm only mentioning it because during the fall it was raining harder on my stoop than on the rest of my window world.

Wanna talk about porches?  I would love to have a slightly elevated, railed, covered, wrap around porch.  Love those!  With part of it screened, overlooking a deck and a beautiful natural view, with a connection to my kitchen.  I love big porches.  My heart belongs in the country.  Nothing more inviting than a big ass porch that you can feel safe on, with comfy furniture, wrapped in a blanket, drinking some tea, and just relaxing.

Sorry about that, moving on.

Say you still live with your parents or can't or don't want to decorate your front door, you can decorate your bedroom door or the door to your sacred space, magik room, etc.  As long as you're able to, you can decorate in a variety of ways, with signs, hanging things from your doorknob, or using curtains of cloth or beads to create a sense of magic to your room.  When I lived with my mom, I always had a dog choke chain with a lock and key which was empowered for protection against nosy parents and siblings.  I also had hanging a butt load of key chains, certain ones were also enchanted with specific intentions.

I hope this post wasn't too boring for ya, Door Magik isn't something that I'd say is exciting but hey, another form of magik to think about.  If you have fun decorating your door and your enchantments work, it's a success, right?


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