Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tough Day in the Kitchen!

First, my vegetable soup tasted oily and greasy, I think it was due to the hamburger I added, although I rinsed it.  I dunno.  I strained it once, added water, some bouillon cubes (because I didn't have anymore beef stock), salt, pepper, garlic salt, and onion powder.  Let it cook for a little bit.  Tried it, not as oily, but still tasted fatty.  I strained again, added water, the same (minus the bouillon cubes), and a can of tomato soup.

While that cooked, I made cake pops.  Le sigh.  The cake pops themselves turned out fine, however, I had an avalanche of spices from the cabinet fall on me, dropped an egg (has never happened to me before), found out that my "microwave safe" mixing bowls WEREN'T microwave safe at all when I burned the crap out of my hand on them, AND despite following the directions to a "T", my white chocolate wafers skipped melt and went straight to burn.  However, the burned chocolate was melted.  Da hell?  So I had no frosting OR chocolate coverage for my cake pops.  At least, hubby enjoyed them.  I was too frustrated for that.

I burned myself on my crock pot lid and the pot itself, and my tongue while tasting.  Despite having been cooking for over 24 hours, the fresh carrots and potatoes I had used still weren't done.  Thought that was odd.

I was feeling pretty hopeless by this point.  Like a total failure, course hormones don't help the situation, nor does having a low blood sugar.  I was so irritated.  With everything.  Even my son who kept getting into the trash can where the burnt chocolate was.

While pouring the soup into a container, I got some splash on me, luckily it wasn't nearly as hot as it could've been.  Still hurt though.  Then I burned myself on the hot dish water.  And to top it all off, I had a bunch of clean, wet dishes fall--but I was quick enough to move out of the way.  Surprised it didn't wake up my son, to be honest!

And I'm proud to say that my vegetable soup, from scratch (roughly) and without a recipe, was finally a success.  A tasty, flavorful success.  Not quite like mom's, but close.  I've learned a thing or two, broth wise, and next time instead of hamburger I'm going to use beef shoulder or something.  And add corn and beans.  At least something good came of this tough day.

It's unusual for me to have that many issues in the kitchen.  I think it's time for a cleansing to be honest, so I may do that tomorrow.

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