Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sunburns & Weeds

Still around and very busy, juggling a 18-month-old and a 2-month-old!  Plus I'm trying to keep up with my daily devotionals, house work, the Pagan Blog Project, and overall sleep.

Had a fun 4th of July weekend.  Was out in the sun sun sun, having fun fun fun with my kids, while hubby played baseball with his family.  We put sunblock on our kids and I on myself (hubby claimed he didn't need it).  We've used this genetic brand before, but man it did not work this time.  I looked as bad as my husband!  At least my oldest didn't burn as bad, he was just a tad pink.  And my youngest didn't burn at all, due to me having him in his carseat on the stroller the entire time.

Mommy and daddy were red!  So I went home and tried a solution that I had seen around the internet a lot, and that friends had also advised.  I took an Apple Cider Vinegar bath to take the sting out.  I added nearly two cups to my bath water (because I didn't know if I was going to have a reaction to it, like I did with the diluted vinegar a couple months before).

The problem I faced was that I'm 6'2.5 and weigh 300lbs, and my apartment tub isn't exactly big or tall person friendly.  I actually got stuck in the tub and got water all over my floor!  So I wasn't able to soak my burns for 30 minutes, like instructed, however, I did get around to cleaning the floor.  Next time, I think I'm just going to soak some towels or rags in the APC and try that.  Because my friends swear by it, that it takes the sting out of sun burns!

And I will recommend that you use aloe lotion afterwards, because the vinegar will dry out your skin.  That and lotions feels amazing!

I'm not ruling APC out just yet.  And I'm still going to experiment with cleaning.

Another solution I tried was the Natural Weed Killer, comprised of vinegar, a squirt of Dawn dish soap (or any dish soap), and 1/4 cup of salt (although I used a 1 cup, because I can't read apparently).  I made a little bit first, and you should make sure your squirt bottle works before hand, otherwise you'll be pouring like I was, and tried it out on some weeds and morning glory.  I did it in the middle of the day, so the sun could bake the plants (normally, if you water your plants, you should do in the morning or evening, depending on plants, since some don't like having wet roots at night, or so I've read).  The next day, the weeds were wilted and brown and I was happy.  So I made a larger batch, pulled the weeds and morning glory, and doused their stubs and roots with my vinegar solution.

Of course, it's not as powerful as say Round Up, but I'm not into poisons, especially when it comes to areas that my kids might be playing.  And I don't think that the Spirits appreciated it.  If I have to repeat the process, I'm okay with that.  The only thing I can grow and keep alive are weeds, but my garden needs to be managed, looks like a jungle out there!  That and it feels good.

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