Thursday, August 21, 2014


As I was writing a different post about 2 hours ago, a pagan post, I freaked out when I saw a cockroach scurry across my carpet.  I then proceeded to brutally kill it with a shoe until I could no longer recognize it.  At first I wasn't even sure I had got it, until i saw something brown and buggy on my brown carpet.  
I freaked!  I keep my house clean--as well as a parent can with a toddler and a two in diapers can.  I really do.  Come on, it's part of my duties to Hestia and my family!
It's one of many reasons why I hate living in apartments, because one person's infestation affects everyone!  Fuckin hate it.  But this is the first time I've ever dealt with roaches in my home.  I've seen them--guys, I could tell crazy stories about some of the roaches in distant relatives homes.  Personally, we've never had a problem with them.  
So i asked FB and found the boric acid is natural, non-toxic, and a major killer of roaches.  Gets on their feet, then they track it back to the colony and boom, within 2 weeks, the nest is gone.  I definitely want some of that!  Plus it's cheap.  But I don't have any right now.  So a friend and a bunch of websites suggested baking soda and sugar.  The sugar entices them in and the baking soda kills them when ingested.  That's two ingredients that I have, so I combined the two and got to sprinkling in my kitchen.  I sprinkled behind and in the trashcan, underneath the hutch, the side of the fridge (for now), behind and the side of the stove, underneath the dishwasher, and beneath the kitchen sink.  
See, our sink is leaking, so there's a bucket under there, it's a possible water source for them.  I sprinkled the crap out of that area and in the bucket.  I also sprinkled the crap out of our dirty dish filled sink (it's 2:45 am right now, I'm not doing dishes).  Then I made a nasty discovery.  
Our dishwasher doesn't work properly.  I've tried different methods and so has our shitty maintenance crew.  It just doesn't drain very well.  Well, I opened it up to find black water and a nasty smell.  So I gave it a vinegar bath.  After it ran, I sprinkled a crap load of baking soda inside of it.  
Needless to say, I went bat shit crazy with the baking soda.  Best to nip this would be problem in the bud, right?  Tomorrow I'm going to have the hubby pick up some Boric Acid and really treat the kitchen, baseboards, cracks, and even the bathroom, although I doubt they're there.  
First we had a fruit fly problem.  Got rid of them with disposal of their food source and vinegar.  
Then we had an ant problem, which is normal for this time of year.  Soapy water took care of them.  
Now roaches?  WTF?  I've only seen one so far and I'm really hoping that I don't see anymore.  According to some sites, you may have roaches and not even know it.  Sometimes in the summer, they come inside through open windows or better weather.  It may not necessarily be a reflection of how clean your home is. 
Later, I'm also going to sprinkle baking soda along the window sills.  
I hate roaches.  Makes my skin crawl.  And I worry about them getting on my kid's clothes, toys, blankets, and bedding, of course.  But hopefully the powders work and I never see another roach in this apartment again.  I just, I really really hate roaches.  Spiders and House Centipedes I can--well, some spiders, I'm pretty badly allergic to Wood and/or Wolf Spiders--live with, but roaches?  Fuck no!  Kill em all.  Unfortunately, like rats, they're survivors.  But in the years of living here, this is the first time I've seen one.  
Do yall have any advice?  Outside of scrubbing my kitchen, bathroom, and overall house, and starving/dehydrating them.  I already plan on cleaning the crap out of my house tomorrow.  With two little ones (one of them being a preemie) I'm not doing toxic pesticides.  I only want natural and non-toxic.  Unless I find out that this is a much larger issue, then obviously, more extreme measures will have to be taken.
Two pests I cannot stand: Roaches and Fleas.  We've already suffered a flea epidemic, due to a coach we received fro friends (getting rid of the coach solved our problem).  We do not need a creepy crawler infestation, too.  

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