Sunday, August 31, 2014

Understanding and Harmony

We got ourselves a house, and will start moving into it this week.  I'm super excited, in fact you can read it here, if you wish.  It's my gramma's house, she's not able to live on her own anymore and has invited us to stay there for at least a year, while she stays with another family member.  We're incredibly grateful to her.

I've been planning how to decorate the house, especially the kitchen.  I've decided to do it in Lavender, Moss Green, and Wood.  I don't remember the exact lay out of her kitchen, but I'm going to erect a small shrine to Hestia there.  Hence why I picked the colors that I did.  I wanted something fresh, clean, and natural feeling.  And colorful.  I want it to be very inviting, as it's the first room--aside from the mud room--that you'll enter.  I want the house, especially the entrance, to be warm, inviting, and protected.  I'm all about bringing color into her house, because I remember it being very...dark and old fashioned.  I want to modernized it a little bit and open the house up too.

I'm a little apprehensive about moving in, to be honest.  Excited, yes, but nervous.  My gramma lived there for decades.  It has a lot of her in it.  The house definitely has it's own energy and Spirits, both Ancestral and other.  Despite that we often had our family gatherings at her house, she's always kind of been intimidating to me.  At least until our handfasting back in 2010, but I've long since forgiven her for the drama created around that time.

Over the next week, the house and Spirits are going to be seeing a lot of action and change.  So before we move in, I going to have a sit down with the Spirits and let them know what's going on.  Tell them about gramma, if they don't already know, about who we are, and lay down some ground rules.  Let em know that I'm bringing in my own Spirits and deities.

I don't know what they're experience with Sage is, but I'll let them know what it is and what it does before I smudge the house.  I'll do this first.  After our stuff is all moved in, I'll cleanse again and seal the house and property with wards.

Then I'll focus on Harmony and Peace charms throughout the house.

After I do that, I'll have time to write a post about said charms.  Lots to do, spirituality speaking.

I can't wait to unpack my shrines, I really miss them!  And I'm really excited about decorating the house.

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