Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Kitchen Blessings

I came across 8 Simple Pagan Kitchen Blessings that sparked my inspiration.  Many of the things in the article I already do, as well as a couple things not listed, for the heart of my home.

The use of salt: 
Before cooking, baking, or even cleaning, I usually put in just a pinch of salt to my pots, pans, bowls, what have you, from a full on shake to just a couple grains of salt--depends on what I'm making.  Then I stir counter clockwise to banish any negative or residual energies.  Then I add herbs or whatever's next, and stir clockwise for my intention.

As far as outside, I use a mixture of salt, pepper, and St. John's Wort at the threshold to my house and to my porch to prevent negative energies and people from entering.

Red Brick Dust:
I don't use RBD inside my house, but as protection around my property.

I have many broomsticks in my house, but I don't clean with them.  I craft and enchant them for various things, overall being protection, whether it's travel or general guards against intruders.  However, I do have brooms, which are your usually store brought brooms used for general cleaning.  With hardwood floors (that I hate) they're essential.  These are decorated or enchanted in any way.  But this article perhaps has inspired me to do a little magikal arts and crafts with them.

Sometimes, I do sprinkle an herbal powder down on the floor to cleanse and bring in a different, harmonious energy into the house, but my brooms in general aren't cleansed or enchanted.  They're just brooms.  (Modern Broomstick)

In my practice, I don't cleanse and make tools sacred.  I used to, but nowadays, it's just not needed; the magik and intention doesn't come from the tools, but from me.  I use what I have for any and all purposes.  Yet I think I might doll up one of my brooms, maybe it'll get me to sweep more often (hubby does the sweepin and I do the moppin--I hate sweeping!).

However, when my kids are old enough we're going to make sabbat broomsticks.  I don't know if I want to do it for all of the sabbats, or certain ones, like Yule, for example.  Hang them on the tree.  I've been making lots of ornaments this month and I'm running out...but I may have my son help me make a small broomstick ornament this year.

But yeah, so I may decorate one or all of our brooms.  I'm in quite the a&c mood, so we'll see.

Done.  :-)  With decorating the brooms, with our kids being so young, I don't want to have something on there that they might be able to pull or pick off, so I may use sigils or runes on the handle and shaft of the broom.

Egg in the Glass:

Law of Attraction:
Check!  I really try not to clean or cook while angry or sad--although being in the kitchen tends to alleviate many of those negative emotions.  I just don't like getting those energies in my food!

I also have things like a sprig of rosemary over my door, a Kitchen Witch doll, an altar, a skeleton key, certain colors, lavender, a Hearthstone Blessing hanging, some Hestia hymns, and awesome stuff that that going on in my kitchen.

Do you have any sorts of blessings or protections in your kitchen?