Monday, February 16, 2015

So, Check It

I'm am sick and tired of making baked goods as gifts.  One of the reasons why I'm learning how to crochet is because I want to give people warm gifts that last longer than week, or a couple of minutes.  I want my gifts to be useful and not fattening.  Nor do I want to do ornaments again.  Something they see once a year, if they even decide to keep it.

Yes, I've taken up crochet.  It took me 2 weeks to get 3 feet out of my scarf.  I figure it might take me another 2 weeks to get 6, and maybe be done, and ready to move onto a wider scarf or perhaps tackle a blanket.

The thing about crocheting is that it takes time.  Luckily, I also want to learn other useful skills, like sewing, weaving, arm knitting, finger knitting, and well...knitting.  Other time consuming things.  Well, this year, people are getting blankets for Yule and Christmas.

Why blankets?  Who doesn't like a nice, soft warm blanket?  I'm a blanket nut!  Love em!  Love collecting them.  Love donating them!  They're useful and comforting.

That's a lot of blankets to make, so I need to faster way.

I've always wanted to learn how to make those knotted fleece blankets, and I just found my tutorial:

Sold!  Doin it.  Gonna select the designs based on interests or favorite colors and make em.

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