Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not Earth-Centered, Home-Centered

If you're a reader of my main Pagan/Witch blog Book of Mirrors, you'd know that I've been wondering about whether or not the label/path of 'Kitchen Witch' is suitable for me.  Every since I came across the term "Hearth Witch" I've been drawn to it like a moth to a light.  It was appealing to me due to being devout to Hestia, and Her name means Hearth.  Part of me wondered if it would be a more suitable name and path, than just Kitchen.  Then a local Druid mentioned something about the Hearth Culture of Hellenic Paganism, but when i asked him for more information, he never got back to me, and I haven't done further research on it, yet (if any of you could elaborate about it, that'd be greatly appreciated!  As well as Hearth Witch, the more information, the better!).

I researched and asked questions of many fellow Pagans and Magik Users in various areas of the net.  Someone gave me information from two sources, an Arin Hiscock book and of course, The Domestic Witch.  According these sources, a Kitchen Witch doesn't have deities (they may have House Spirits), whereas a Hearth Witch has Domestic Deities.

"The central concept of hearth spirituality is that the home is sacred. This means the home is a place where we can experience, communicate, and interact with the Divine more easily than other places. This does not mean that other holy sites are not sacred as well, just that one's home is the most sacred of all. However, hearth witchery is about more than making the place where you live sacred. It is the acknowledgment that the day to day experiences and mundane activities you do are sacred as well. You are blessed because you care for and maintain your home. This sacred space is also extremely personal and private. Each home belongs to a specific person or family and not to the rest of the world." ~ The Domestic Witch, The Hearth as the Heart of Your Home

In a post of for The Pagan Experience, I wrote about how I'm not an Earth- Centered Pagan, but a Home-Centered Pagan.  My faith and witchcraft focus on the home and domestic crafts, not on the planet, nature, or animals.  This is a concept that some Pagans don't seem to be able to grasp very well--not saying all are like that, but I've met some negativity with those obsessed with True and Real Pagans and Witches.  Typical annoyances.  Like, the earth is my foundation.  When I started on the path as a Pagan and Witch, I started with the elements and nature, but years later, I've built a house on those foundations.  A tradition that is Home-Centered.  Does that make sense?  Hopefully it makes more sense than the first time I tried explaining it.  It was a hot mess the first time.  

I've done a bit more research since I wrote the post linked in the beginning, and the more I think about it, the more correct I think Hearth Witch is for me.  Honestly, I think Domestic Witch is best, since it deals with a little bit of all the home crafts/traditions (including Hedge), but it feels odd since I've been a reader of The Domestic Witch blog for a couple years, lol.

Although I do separate my faith (Pagan) from my craft (Witch), as a Hearth Witch, those two worlds are combined.  I don't see Witchcraft/Magik as a spiritual path, only as a form of energy manipulation.  It's an art that anyone can practice regardless of faith.  I don't know that I'm comfortable with calling myself a Hearth Witch, Hearth Pagan would be fine.  A Hearth Pagan and a Domestic Witch?  Am I getting too technical?  Splitting hairs?  Eh, I just need to find something that's suitable for my label loving self.

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