Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ceres, Goddess of Grain

A new goddess has appeared to me, calling to me.  It is Ceres, the Roman Goddess of Grain (Demeter is her Greek counterpart).  I know a lot about Demeter, I'm assuming that the stories between Her and Ceres aren't that different, but either way I have much homework to do on Them, more so on Ceres.

Why am I talking about Ceres here?  It feels right.  I get this strong feeling that She wants to be included, which makes sense.  This blog is largely dedicated to home and family, which includes food, property, and gardening.  Hestia is the home, Ceres is the nourishment.

Which, oddly enough, Artemis doesn't seem to care about this section.  She's of the hunt, despite that through the hunt, meat is provided.  But I don't get the impression that Artemis cares too much about being included in this book.  That's fine.  At least, not right now.  Maybe that'll be my next area of focus, concerning Artemis?  The Provider.

Shoot, there's a Triple Goddess right there:

  • Maiden - Artemis - Huntress, Protectoress, Meat and Herb
  • Mother - Ceres - Agriculture, Grains, Land Fertility
  • Crone - Hestia - Hearth, Home, Family
Yes, as I get to know Her, I'll be keeping much of that knowledge here.  


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