Thursday, June 11, 2015

Crochet Projects, Little Ones

Since I start crocheting in February, I've made a scarf, a banner for my Matron, a memorial blanket, and am still working on a blanket for my mom.  I should be working on it now, actually, but it's too hot in this house to have a yarn blanket laying on me.

I'm a one-project-a-time person....sort of.  My mom's blanket is taking forever to make.  I keep running into blocks, like what color should I use next?  I need to stop that, because there's other smaller projects that I want to work on, like bags for my runes and spell satchels.  And I really want to make my BFF a multi-colored bag.  Maybe a little one for myself, sometimes the big purse that I have isn't necessary.  Sometimes all I need is my ID, my phone, a pin, notebook, and money.

All of these mini projects also require more yarn....always need more yarn...

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