Friday, July 3, 2015

Amber Waves of Grain...

Earlier while working on an Independence Day board on pinterest, I found myself really thinking about farmlands, those who built this country from the soil up, and how they're just as important to be honored and celebrated as our soldiers and heroes.  

By having Ceres and Artemis in my life, I've realized how important it is to celebrate the harvest--not just for food, but for the hard, dedicated workers that bring us nourishment: Farmers, Gardeners, Ranchers, Hunters, Butchers, Fishers, etc... often these folks are overlooked--and they're extremely important. Most of the time, I think all people can see are grocery stores and corporations.
Often we don’t see the people behind the product.

For the sabbats that I celebrate and honor the harvest, I won't just be thinking of the earth, the sun, the moon, or the deities, but also of the men and women out in the fields, in their gardens, in the stables, slaughterhouses, in the woods, out on the oceans and lakes, who're making sure that we're fed.  I'll be giving thanks to those folks, too.  

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