Saturday, July 11, 2015

The Keeper of Keys

It's no secret that I love keys, especially skeleton keys.  Been a love of mine every since I can remember.  Even before Hestia entered my life.  I have a lot of skeleton keys around my house, from my handfasting broom to my ancestral shrine.  I prefer authentic to replica, and do own many authentic skeleton keys that have been in the family and used by my ancestors for generations.  My grandma gave me some when I was in middle school, and my aunt gave me more after grandma died last fall.

Those are in various locations of the house, charged with special intention, and dedicated to the Keeper of House Keys Herself, Hestia.  I've only given one away, to my brother, as part of a Christmas ornament, being sure to tell him that the key is very special.  Ancestors matter to him, too.

December 2014, gift to my brother

But I do have replicas, wooden, and pendant skeleton keys, too.  Eventually I'll find uses for them, but for now, they hang on a threaded ring, above Hestia's shrine.

I do have plans for one of them: Harry Potter Winged Key.  I have one key, as a key chain, that I got in high school, but I don't like how the wings are arranged on it.  I definitely do not agree with the artist on this one.  ;-)

As for one of the wooden keys, I might turn it into a necklace pendant.  The others will hang until a craft pops up.  Can never have too many keys in my opinion.

In this picture are three that have been on my key chain collection for a long time.  Right to left, is that Harry Potter key I mentioned, then the big golden one is a souvenir from a ride in Orlando, Florida, I think the ride was called...Haunted Hotel of Terror....or Haunted Tower of something.  I don't remember but it was a fun ride.  Once I saw the key, of course, I couldn't pass it up.  I bought this one in the summer after my Senior Year, as a trip with two other friends.

Then comes the medium gold key with the heart.  This key is what started the keychain collection.  I got this key as a gift for being a good bus rider in elementary school....2nd or 3rd grade.  I cherished it.  It was the first of my keychain collection, but now I'm moving it from the collection to a spot with the other skeleton keys.  I might actually give this one a special place on Hestia's shrine.

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