Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Longer, The Better

There's just something about wearing a long skirt or dress that awakens something inside of me.  I love wearing them.  I feel beautiful, confident, powerful, feminine, and magikal.  Comfortable.  I don't feel obese.  I don't feel restricted.  Although sometimes I forget that I'm wearing a skirt, especially in public or around family.  Nudity actually doesn't bother me, it's just lady parts, but not everyone feels that way.  Gotta be considerate of others, of course.  Which is funny, because I dress modestly, I'm just so used to wearing skirts at home and not having to worry about a flash here or there, I don't think about.  I'm trying to be more mindful, though. 

I'm definitely going to be one of those ladies who tends to their backyard homesteads in a long, durable work skirt/dress (and headcovering).  Wearing a apron for a basket and such.  That's just going to be me.  Often I look out into my yard, and that's what I see.  I think it really has to do with my second strongest past life, the one from the 1800's.  As a lady working in the fields. 

Often, when I see Ceres, She's wearing a long dress, with an apron, similar to this image (#26). 

Plus, I often think of my ancestors who worked the fields.

I just feel more connected to that past life, to Ceres, to my Ancestors, and to nature and magik.  It just makes me happy.  :-D

And yes, I do typically perform yard work in my skirt.  Some may think it's impractical, but for me, it's not.  I have more freedom, it's cooler, and the insects can't attack my legs as well.

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