Monday, August 10, 2015

Bad News and Good News

Because I always prefer the bad news first.  

There's no moving into my dad's, because they already have someone living with them.  No room.  I've been stressing and crying most of the day.  I couldn't sleep, my stomach was in knots.  Even my husband stayed home today because I was such a wreck!  

I had asked the spirits and they warned me, but they also said that it wasn't dark outside when it was.  And they also gave me another wrong answer, about something else, but have been spot on when it was important.

So no dad's.  I just wish that they haven't waited so long to tell me.  I mean, I emailed them on Thursday, and they saw it.  Normally, they're pretty on it with the phones and updating, but not lately, when I needed it most!  

I was feeling like a failure, despite that this situation isn't really our fault this time.  No, we're not totally innocent, but it's just a mess.  I was worried about my kids.  I was trying to not be resentful towards certain family members.  I was just trying to see the opportunities.  Enough crying and dwelling and start working on solutions before time runs out and I really turn into a loser.

My husband suggested finding an apartment with his recently separated brother (from his wife).  Beggars can't be choosers, by any means, but I don't really care for him that much.  He likes to use people and his oldest is a total bully.  I was promised that I wouldn't be treated like baby sitter, and that his kids would actually be spending most of their time with their mom.  He's also a bit of a hoarder...well, either him or his soon-to-be-ex-wife, I guess I'll find out.  

But we'll be helping each other out with rebuilding our credits and having a stable place to live.  For us it's only going to be for 6 months to a year, as long as we're steadfast.  We'll have two incomes coming in, the bills will be split (although I may also find a 2nd or 3rd shift part time job to help speed things along).

Minus minor annoyances of my BIL, he's not emotionally abusive or a smoker.  Positive's right?  Those are some pretty big positives!

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