Tuesday, September 8, 2015

School's In Session

I don't know if I've mentioned it here, but Hecate recently claimed me, and guided me to research the Deipnon.  Here's a copy paste from Book of Mirrors:

For the past two days, I've been seeing "Hecate" and "Hekate" all over the web.  In song lyrics, song titles, from people hearing Her call, to people saying She recently claimed them.  When I was over on Wordpress, reading through my blog list, I came across a term on The Purple Broom's post, "Deipnon".  I thought it had to be of Greek origin, and I couldn't let it go, so I decided to look it up and was right.  It's Greek AND it has to do with Hecate! 

"In Greek, deipnon means the evening meal, usually the largest meal of the day. Hekate's Deipnon is, at its most basic, a meal served to the Titan Hekate and the restless dead once a lunar month. Ancient Athenians believed that once a lunar month, Hekate led the spirits of the unavenged or wrongfully killed accompanied by hounds from the underworld up from Hades.  It is also the last day of the month according to the lunisolar based Attic calendar used in ancient Athens.  [...] A secondary purpose was to purify the household and to atone for bad deeds a household member may have committed offended Hekate, causing her to withhold her favor from them.  Hekate has power over heaven, earth, and sea and is able to grant prosperity and all the blessings of daily life.The Deipnon was celebrated on the night before the first visible sliver of moon could be seen, the night of the new moon.  The new moon was the last day of the lunar month and the Deipnon rituals allowed the family to begin the new month, which they celebrated as the Noumenia. This differs from how modern astronomy calculates the new moon, so one may not follow a modern calendar to set this date.The Deipnon consists of three main parts: 1) the meal that was set out at a crossroads, 2) an expiation sacrifice, and 3) purification of the household" (Wikipedia).

From my brief research, it appears that some observe the Deipnon on or near the Dark Moon, the end of the lunar calendar.  I know that Circle is usually cleaning a lot around or on the Dark Moon.  She's often said that's it's Hecates will, it drives her into a cleaning frenzy. 

The other day, one of the people who heard Hecate's call, said that She was, to a point, a Hearth Goddess.  I thought that was strange, as in all of my years of working with Her and doing research here and there, I'd never come across anything that might connect Her in the manner.  Home and Hearth.  Until now.  The Deipnon and cleaning. 

"When they say cleanliness is next to godliness, I think they mean the sacred sense of something purified. The Deipnon feels like a home purification, and a palpable magic." ~ Star Foster, Maintaining Your Life

I still have much research to do, but I'll try my best this Dark Moon to clean what a can.  We're still packing...ugh, I hate packing.  But I think I'm going to focus on the offering She wants--menstrual blood to be buried.  Looks like my cycle may just coincide with the Dark Moon again. 

I've been thinking about the how-to for that, as well.  Normally, I sip off bits from soaked tampons or on heavy days, drip into a container (for those rare times where I've used menstrual blood).  Someone recently asked a question on a Coven.space group about collecting menstrual blood.  Circle suggested collecting clots from pads or using the menstrual cup.  I've been looking in the moon time cup.  Seems a bit more practical than my methods. 

Lots of brain-food harvesting going on today. 


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