Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Better Get Crackin On Those Arm Warmers!

I got a job at Kroger Distribution Center.  Good thing I'm halfway finished with my arm warmers, because I'm doing to need them!  According to my interviewer it gets as cold as -20 F in the freezer.

My time as a SAHM is done for now.  But I'm still a mom, still taking care of the house hold.  I'll be working from 5 pm to 3:30 am, coming home and crashing until the kids wake me up, then hubby gets home around 4:15 pm, and I'll be back out that door.  Just like Meijer...except when I was working the nightshift there, I only got about 2-3 hours of sleep.  And at Kroger's DC I'll be work 4 days, 10 hour shifts and then some. It's going to be more exertion than Meijer.

My cousin's fiance works there and she said that he's been working 1-2 hours over for a while.  I'm definitely going to kick my butt kicked!  But it's an opportunity.  A challenge to conquer.  Going to help my hubby bring in income, gonna be handling my business, doing what I have to for my kids, and I'm going to start my low-carb diet back up.  And I'm probably going to become addicted to 5-Hour Energies and coffee.  Not looking forward to that.  Hopefully there's something better out there than sugar and caffine.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ancestor's Day Dinner

All right, I got the dinner on the 31st all planned out:

  • Butternut Squash Stew, I'll be adding pumpkin and pork to it.  Hubby's not a big fan of squash, so he's going to make some pork ribs.  
  • Apple Cinnamon Bread
  • Moon Cider - This is a trick or treat favorite.  I usually make it for whomever's handing out candy, and there's usually enough when the treaters come back home.  It's pretty yummy:
    • 4 cups Apple Cider
    • 4 cups White Grape Juice
    • ½ teaspoon Whole Cloves
    • Cinnamon Sticks or Ground Cinnamon
    • 1 teaspoon All Spice 
    1. Heat Cider and Juice in a big pot or a crockpot.
    2. Add Spices
    3. Bring to a boil
    4. Simmer for 5 Minutes or longer for taste
    5. Serve in a Cauldron.

Only this year, I don't have apple cider, so I'm going to cut up locally harvested apples instead.

And our costumes are also planned.  The boys are going a TMNT (thanks to grandma and grandpa), hubby's going as a Wolf from The Walking Dead, and I'm either going to be a witch or my classic Little Red Werewolf.  Pretty exciting.

Do yall have a dinner planned out for the 31st?  Anything special?  What about costumes?

That Blanket Ain't Gonna Crochet Itself!

Crochet projects in the works/planned:
  • Yule Pillow - Hopefully done by Yule.
  • Mom's throw blanket - Hopefully done by Christmas.
  • Purse - for a friend, hopefully done by February 16th.
  • Barn Toy Bag - Done by April 2016.
  • Slytherin Arm Warmers - since they're mine, they can be done anytime.
  • Memorial Blanket - For another friend.
  • Baby Blanket - Same friend's new baby.
  • Log Toy Bag - No date yet.
  • Paw Patrol Look Out Inspired Toy Bag - No date yet.

And I just found out that my SIL is pregnant with her first.  So yet another baby blanket to plan. To be done by, I'm guessing, July or August.  Well, first, gotta make sure everything's okay.  Don't wanna jump the gun.

Congrats for them.  

I just learned how to crochet in February, and I'm already backed up with projects.  A few times a week, I'm practicing and watching youtube videos about different techniques and things like making applique and attaching them.  Last night, I changed colors without referencing the video and I'm brave enough to start learning double stitch. 

I just keep coming up with new ideas and seeing more inspirational pieces.  I'm getting faster, although I still have some tension issues, but practice makes perfect.  I'm just writing my ideas down, planning, details, measurements, different techniques...  I oughta be busy for a while.  

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crochet the Night Away!

I started on a blanket for my mom back in...May, maybe?  I don't remember, maybe sooner than that.  It was originally going to be a Mother's Day gift...then a Grandparents Day Gift....then a gift when she broke her arm...and now I'm aiming for Christmas.  I underestimated how long making this throw blanket was going to take.  That and it spent about 2 months packed up in storage, but yeah.  I'm hopeful to finish it, and the many other projects that I'm working on, by then. 

I have Slytherin arm warmers in the works, half of a purse for my BFF, a Yule pillow for a friend (started as a wash cloth, as usual, I changed my mind as I worked), and I want to make another friend two blankets, a memorial blanket (pink and blue) for a lost baby, and a blanket for one that she just had (grey and purple).  

Not to mention that I was going to make my youngest son a farm blanket, but now I'm thinking of something that I hope will be faster, a barn bag.  My youngest loves animals, so I want him to have something that he'll be able to carry them around in.  A barn for his farm animals and maybe a bag for his wild animals, too.  At first I was thinking of a a cage or netting, but they might fall out.  Then I found this Wooden Hollow Log Toy Bag and felt that that might be perfect!  Course, mine will look nothing like that, since I'm still only doing single stitch.  

For my other vehicle loving son, I was thinking of maybe a garage...or maybe a truck shaped bag....  Still thinking about it.  But the barn bag is furiously buzzing around in my head.  All I would need is red, black (or dark brown for the roof), and white yarn (accents)...and maybe some yellow or a wheat color to represent hay.  We'll see.  

First, I thought about doing something like this beauty, more like a box, but I dunno, we'll see.  Maybe if I decide to do a garage instead of a truck...although I could do a box truck using that form.  Although I could still use that inspiration and make a vehicle transport truck.  But I'll focus on the barn bag first.  

So any of yall have any yarn, needle, or other arts & crafts going or planned?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thinking Outside the Circle: Apron as Ritual Garb

That's right, the apron.  For me, as a Hearth Pagan and a Domestic Witch, it's an important piece of ritual clothing.  Just like my veils, or in another's case, a cloak, a tiara, or a piece of jewelry.  It's often overlooked or not considered as such, even by those who practice similar domestic crafts or spiritualities. 

But for me, the apron is very important.  It's part of my sacred practice of keeping the home clean, safe, and inviting.  And myself, too.  Just as important as any of my tools, the swifer, vacuum cleaner, sponge, cleaning potions, towels, salt. 

It protect my clothes from getting dirty, helps me clean the smudges from my kid's face, entertains the baby who likes to grab on and wave it about, provides a basket--especially for carrying toys up and down the stairs so my oldest can focus on climbing the stairs!  And it has a pocket for tools and another pocket for picking up trash on the go.  And it connects me to my grandmothers, through the many generations!  I remember my grandmas and great grandma almost always wearing theirs around the home and using them for everything!

A very important, often overlooked, versatile piece of ritual garb and tool.  Just as important as a veil, a cloak, a piece of jewelry; a wand, a ritual blade, a candle, or a besom.  Like anything you can cleanse, empower, and dedicate it to magik and/or a deity. 

Here's a piece about the 'History' of Aprons, from FB's The Spellery.

(also posted on Book of Mirrors)

Monday, October 5, 2015

Thinking Outside the Circle

I attend an online general pagan/magik study group on Facebook every week, and tonight's study was over Cauldrons.  I may not have a specific set of witchy tools anymore, but I do still keep them around.  My traditional cauldron is in my kitchen, holding a roll of paper towels right now.  Some might see that as a waste for a magikal tool, but for a Domestic Witch and a Hearth Keeper, such as myself, it's not.  My home is sacred and much magik takes place in the kitchen.  Now I'm not going to make that a permanent task for my cauldron, but for now it's perfect.  Although I'm thinking about having it hold my cooking utensils....feel it might be best, magikally and aesthetically.  But the host for tonight's study gave me a lot of other ideas to try for it.  
Back when I used my traditional cauldron regularly, it was mainly used on my altars to mark Sister Moon's journey as She traveled the sky throughout the year.  During ritual, especially those to honor Her, I'd light a candle inside of the cauldron (something that I still do when giving offerings of salted flour to Hestia).  And now it sits on my kitchen counter. 
Anyhoo, they were talking about how larger cauldrons can be harder to find.  I looked to the 4 qt dutch oven sitting on Hestia's Shrine, and suggested that they look into camping gear.  Dutch ovens, kettle, and similar 'cauldrons'.  They may not be traditional, but they work and they're still cauldrons.  Personally, I prefer camping gear to something from a magikal shop, mainly for quality and durability.  As well as some extras, like instructions, especially for safety; other tool suggestions, like lid openers, tripod cooking stands, and protective gloves...and of course How To Care for Your equipment.  But's that's me, not everyone cares about that kind of stuff!  No doubt, by asking or doing some reading, other cauldron owners can learn this stuff, too.
And they come in a variety of sizes.
Why not?
Sometimes, ya gotta learn to think outside of the circle and be resourceful!   :-D
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