Sunday, October 18, 2015

Crochet the Night Away!

I started on a blanket for my mom back in...May, maybe?  I don't remember, maybe sooner than that.  It was originally going to be a Mother's Day gift...then a Grandparents Day Gift....then a gift when she broke her arm...and now I'm aiming for Christmas.  I underestimated how long making this throw blanket was going to take.  That and it spent about 2 months packed up in storage, but yeah.  I'm hopeful to finish it, and the many other projects that I'm working on, by then. 

I have Slytherin arm warmers in the works, half of a purse for my BFF, a Yule pillow for a friend (started as a wash cloth, as usual, I changed my mind as I worked), and I want to make another friend two blankets, a memorial blanket (pink and blue) for a lost baby, and a blanket for one that she just had (grey and purple).  

Not to mention that I was going to make my youngest son a farm blanket, but now I'm thinking of something that I hope will be faster, a barn bag.  My youngest loves animals, so I want him to have something that he'll be able to carry them around in.  A barn for his farm animals and maybe a bag for his wild animals, too.  At first I was thinking of a a cage or netting, but they might fall out.  Then I found this Wooden Hollow Log Toy Bag and felt that that might be perfect!  Course, mine will look nothing like that, since I'm still only doing single stitch.  

For my other vehicle loving son, I was thinking of maybe a garage...or maybe a truck shaped bag....  Still thinking about it.  But the barn bag is furiously buzzing around in my head.  All I would need is red, black (or dark brown for the roof), and white yarn (accents)...and maybe some yellow or a wheat color to represent hay.  We'll see.  

First, I thought about doing something like this beauty, more like a box, but I dunno, we'll see.  Maybe if I decide to do a garage instead of a truck...although I could do a box truck using that form.  Although I could still use that inspiration and make a vehicle transport truck.  But I'll focus on the barn bag first.  

So any of yall have any yarn, needle, or other arts & crafts going or planned?

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