Sunday, October 25, 2015

That Blanket Ain't Gonna Crochet Itself!

Crochet projects in the works/planned:
  • Yule Pillow - Hopefully done by Yule.
  • Mom's throw blanket - Hopefully done by Christmas.
  • Purse - for a friend, hopefully done by February 16th.
  • Barn Toy Bag - Done by April 2016.
  • Slytherin Arm Warmers - since they're mine, they can be done anytime.
  • Memorial Blanket - For another friend.
  • Baby Blanket - Same friend's new baby.
  • Log Toy Bag - No date yet.
  • Paw Patrol Look Out Inspired Toy Bag - No date yet.

And I just found out that my SIL is pregnant with her first.  So yet another baby blanket to plan. To be done by, I'm guessing, July or August.  Well, first, gotta make sure everything's okay.  Don't wanna jump the gun.

Congrats for them.  

I just learned how to crochet in February, and I'm already backed up with projects.  A few times a week, I'm practicing and watching youtube videos about different techniques and things like making applique and attaching them.  Last night, I changed colors without referencing the video and I'm brave enough to start learning double stitch. 

I just keep coming up with new ideas and seeing more inspirational pieces.  I'm getting faster, although I still have some tension issues, but practice makes perfect.  I'm just writing my ideas down, planning, details, measurements, different techniques...  I oughta be busy for a while.  

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