Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Thinking Outside the Circle: Apron as Ritual Garb

That's right, the apron.  For me, as a Hearth Pagan and a Domestic Witch, it's an important piece of ritual clothing.  Just like my veils, or in another's case, a cloak, a tiara, or a piece of jewelry.  It's often overlooked or not considered as such, even by those who practice similar domestic crafts or spiritualities. 

But for me, the apron is very important.  It's part of my sacred practice of keeping the home clean, safe, and inviting.  And myself, too.  Just as important as any of my tools, the swifer, vacuum cleaner, sponge, cleaning potions, towels, salt. 

It protect my clothes from getting dirty, helps me clean the smudges from my kid's face, entertains the baby who likes to grab on and wave it about, provides a basket--especially for carrying toys up and down the stairs so my oldest can focus on climbing the stairs!  And it has a pocket for tools and another pocket for picking up trash on the go.  And it connects me to my grandmothers, through the many generations!  I remember my grandmas and great grandma almost always wearing theirs around the home and using them for everything!

A very important, often overlooked, versatile piece of ritual garb and tool.  Just as important as a veil, a cloak, a piece of jewelry; a wand, a ritual blade, a candle, or a besom.  Like anything you can cleanse, empower, and dedicate it to magik and/or a deity. 

Here's a piece about the 'History' of Aprons, from FB's The Spellery.

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