Monday, October 5, 2015

Thinking Outside the Circle

I attend an online general pagan/magik study group on Facebook every week, and tonight's study was over Cauldrons.  I may not have a specific set of witchy tools anymore, but I do still keep them around.  My traditional cauldron is in my kitchen, holding a roll of paper towels right now.  Some might see that as a waste for a magikal tool, but for a Domestic Witch and a Hearth Keeper, such as myself, it's not.  My home is sacred and much magik takes place in the kitchen.  Now I'm not going to make that a permanent task for my cauldron, but for now it's perfect.  Although I'm thinking about having it hold my cooking utensils....feel it might be best, magikally and aesthetically.  But the host for tonight's study gave me a lot of other ideas to try for it.  
Back when I used my traditional cauldron regularly, it was mainly used on my altars to mark Sister Moon's journey as She traveled the sky throughout the year.  During ritual, especially those to honor Her, I'd light a candle inside of the cauldron (something that I still do when giving offerings of salted flour to Hestia).  And now it sits on my kitchen counter. 
Anyhoo, they were talking about how larger cauldrons can be harder to find.  I looked to the 4 qt dutch oven sitting on Hestia's Shrine, and suggested that they look into camping gear.  Dutch ovens, kettle, and similar 'cauldrons'.  They may not be traditional, but they work and they're still cauldrons.  Personally, I prefer camping gear to something from a magikal shop, mainly for quality and durability.  As well as some extras, like instructions, especially for safety; other tool suggestions, like lid openers, tripod cooking stands, and protective gloves...and of course How To Care for Your equipment.  But's that's me, not everyone cares about that kind of stuff!  No doubt, by asking or doing some reading, other cauldron owners can learn this stuff, too.
And they come in a variety of sizes.
Why not?
Sometimes, ya gotta learn to think outside of the circle and be resourceful!   :-D
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