Monday, November 30, 2015

My Temple Room

The Last Harvest is over and done with, yesterday, I made a belated dinner of cranberry pork chops, sweet potato casserole, roasted herb butternut squash, pumpkin spice tea, hot chocolate, with some yummy Barefoot Mascato.  It was all pretty delicious, if I do say so myself.

Away I put the fall decorations, tossing the pumpkin and leftovers to the Nature Spirits.  I then got out the tree and started decorating it, with our many home made ornaments.  I hung the hand made stockings, and I put out little snowman on the Ancestral shrine, but I stopped before grabbing a musical tree and Connie, our little tree, because I realized that we didn't have any safe places to put them...Or to put Odin and the Julbock, even!    Damn small apartment...well, it's not even that, I could hang shelves, if the walls weren't so finicky, ya know?  Stupid weak walls.

So then, I added something to my check up for our future Hopeful Homestead: a magik room.

Now what's that gotta do with the holiday stuff? Well, if I had a room for my Pagan and Witch crap, I'd have room for decorations, of course!  My shrines they have their places and that's it.  There's no option to clear them off for the holidays, or to combine them with others.  Hestia ain't sharing Her space with Odin, not because "you don't mix Pantheons" because that's Her spot.  Aesthetically, He wouldn't look good there.  Appearance wise, They'd clash.

Originally, I was going to set him on a media cabinet, but I really need my healing altar/Kuan Yin/Tara/Bear shrine out, and that's the only other place for it...that the little ones can't reach.

Yes, down the line, I would like to have a magik room, a little temple for our deities.  Although, to be honest, they'll probably be out and about throughout the house....especially Hestia.

I need a magik room and a lot more wall shelves.  Can never have too many, in my opinion, especially if they're built into the wall and are out of the reach of little grabby hands and mouths (pets).

A room for my many Books of Whatevers, Books of Mirrors, Spellbooks, Pagan Parenting Binders, The Cauldron binders, and those published by authors.  Book of magik, cultures, myths, the occults, faiths, and so on.  Artwork, decks, pendulums, family records, just anything that relates to our faiths, paths, and crafts.  A room for studying, teaching, practicing, and worship.

One day soon....

Also, I still have any unfinished crochet projects and I just started on making a card bag for my Goddess Guidance Oracle deck....but I'm also still working on my mom's Christmas gift.  I was working on it last night, it's very warm.  :-)

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