Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Out In the Country, Thinking About My Future and Dream Homestead

I had a pretty good holiday, how about you?  I got a loom, some bulky yarns, and a jumbo hook.  My bff is getting me more bulky yarn, and my GG-in-law gave me hooks...Susan...something hooks that are different in shape than the Boyd hooks.  I like them more.  She also gave me a tote bag, so I'm not keeping my project in a plastic bag.  That was nice of her.

Out of state right now, so I brought my mom's blanket and have been working on it here and there.  I'm hoping to get a lot done on it.  Since I missed Christmas, time to aim for her birthday in March.  With my bulky yarns, I'll be able to start on making my barn bag for my son's many many safari and farm animals that they got for Yule and Christmas.

I've almost finished my practice bag--the one that I take to work with me so I don't go idle for too long and thus burn out quicker.  It's a hot mess, but it's my hot mess and I've been learning a lot about mistakes and fixing them, as things that can't be fixed.

I have another crochet project now, I'm going to make another tarot bag for my BFF for her birthday in February.

Yes, we're out of state, staying with the in-laws.  They live out in the country and have in/outdoor pets.  Me, I'm a one or the other type of person.  Either in or out door, but not both.  I love animals and I enjoy pets, but I'm not a fan of their fur or dander.  It messes with my allergies.  I can be around them but after a few hours, it feels like I have a lump of hair in my throat and loads more in my nose!  I don't like it.  Probably why I want livestock.  Outside animals.  Yeah, i'd still have to clean their coops and stables and cages and pens, and that's okay with me.  Not a big fan of having the fur in my house.

But I do enjoy the companionship and the cuddles that indoor pets provide (I miss my ferret!).  I dunno, maybe when my kids stop eating stuff off of the floor....I do want a dog eventually.  My boy's love dogs.  There's a beautiful yellow lab Australian Shepard or Border Collie mix here named Sissy that my boys just adore (and my oldest doesn't normally like dogs; in fact my youngest is more of a fan of cats, too).  Getting our future homestead, I want big farm dogs for protection...and cats for pest control, just not too much pest control, as I like to feed the birds, squirrels, rabbits, and other wild creatures.

Looking to the future, if chickens works out, this is how I hope my homestead to look.  Starting with:

  • Chickens.  I've always wanted birds, especially cockatoos, but my husband claims to be allergic to domestic feathers, so no birds for me.  Well, no inside birds.  He wouldn't have to deal with the chickens, so no worry of allergies there.  I'd get my birds, and we'd get our eggs and meat.  I'd like to have free range chickens, but it depends on the dogs.  I want large farm dogs for protection of us and the animals.  Yeah, you can train them to not attack the chickens, but might be easy and cheaper to build the chickens a large run.  I'd like to keep them outside for pest control, be better than a cat, but the chances of a cat getting picked off by a predator aren't as high as a chicken.  But I dunno, still researching
    • Breeds I might want: Dutch Bantam, Wyandotte, Sussex, Sebright, American Game Fowl...
  • Goats.  I've always loved goats, when I get my homestead, they have to be apart of the farm!  I'd want a small herd, a couple of males and females.  Have the goats for milk, meat, bones, hooves, and horns.  (In reality, I'd use as much as I can from all animals, be it for cooking, practical, or spiritual matters.)
    • Breeds I might want (I haven't done a lot of research on goats yet): Nigerian Dwarf Goats...and my shockwave flash keeps crashing on me, preventing me from further research, darn it.  I have some breeds picked out, but I can't access the information.  
  • Rabbits
  • Caribou.  Yep, Caribou.  Honesty, though it depends on where we live.  If we live further north, where it tends to be colder (or is supposed to be, as the south has snow and Ohio has rain right now), then I'd like to keep couple for practical and magikal means, as well as to have a sleigh or wagon puller.  I'm very much drawn to wagons, if I had large enough land, I'd opt for a wagon.  Although it also depends on whether or not our area would allow for such an animal--what type of permits we'd need to keep them.  I've heard that some places are even having their white tailed deer farms shut down for some reason.  Hearsay, so I don't have the information.  I'd like to have a draft horse, but I'm a little afraid of them, simply because of their sheer size.  This would definitely be the last animal to add, once we've had loads of experience with the other animals.  And I'd use them for work, like plowing, wagon pulling, and patrolling the homestead.  
  • Big Ole Dogs.  I love big dogs, but I wish they lived longer.  I grew up with hounds, mainly beagles, at my dads.  At my mom's, we had English Mastiffs.  Beautiful, intelligent dogs.
    • Breeds I might want: Yellow Labrador, English Mastiff, Boerboel (my husband wants one, but they need LOTS of training and discipline!  My brother used to own one.), Newfoundland, Bloodhound, Irish Wolfhound, Scottish Deerhound, Malamute (it depends on where we live), Leonberger, Caucasian Shepherd, German Shepherd, Border Collie, Australian Cattle Dog, American Fox Hound....and of course mutts are welcome!
  • Cats.  Pest Control.  Spayed/Neutered.  Outdoor.  Like the dogs with their own kennels.  My mom's a "Crazy Cat Lady" so I'm sure I'd get tips from her about the best summer and winter homes.
    • Breeds I might want: Chocolate Point Siamese (more than likely indoor; another animal we grew up with at my dads, always Siamese, Silver and Chocolate Points), Bengal or Savannah (more than likely inside), Maine Coon, or whatever shelter cat.  
  • Koi.  Mainly for spiritual reasons.  
  • Ferrets.  Indoor, more than one.  I love em and totally miss Marsden.  

There are the animals I'd like to own, the chickens are a bit more specific because I know we'll own those sooner than later.  They're more than a dream, and I've done the most research on them within the last year (websites and chicken owners).  Honestly, the first animal we'll get once we get our first home, will be a dog.  Security first.  A dog more than likely from a shelter.  My brother suggested that the best time to get a puppy is after Christmas.  Because some people are still dumb and think that animals are gifts, like a toy or something.  Once the novelty wears off, off to the shelters the animals go.  I've never been to shelters after the winter holidays, so I don't know if that's true.  

In addition to the animals, the land I'd also like a nice large garden (herb, veggie, fruit) for us and the animals, as well as a small fruit orchard.  

Another dream of mine is to have the internal doors of my homestead to be working skeleton locks.  Be bringing the use of skeleton keys back!  

So, that's what I have so far, trying to not get too out there with the dream and goals.  OBvisously dream homestead is kind of extravagant, but i also know that homesteads aren't cheap, and I will want to give my animals the best and safe lives within our means.  Give them good lives and a good respectful death.  

Okay, I gotta go.  Surely more will come for this goal and dream.  I hope yall have a happy holiday!  I think next post, I may talk about processing the animals, and the many ideas and thoughts that goes with that.

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