Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Tired, But Creating

Tired, I am.  My job isn't very hard, it's just very boring.  I clean behind machines in a diaper factory.  And I'm a fast cleaner, so I finished waaaay before my 6 hours is up!  I suck at pacing myself.  But I learned that in order to not burn out early, it's best that I not go idle.  Take my breaks, yes, but I have to be doing something during those 15 minutes.

What have I been doing?  Getting some crochet projects done.  Nothing big, as they have to fit into my lunch box.  Right now I'm about finished with a tarot bag.

I got why people chose to put their cards in bags and boxes, but I never really felt that need....until I got my Housewives Tarot.  That box (that it came in) is damn near impossible to open, so I'm working on a little bag for my deck.  Hopefully they'll fit, I don't use patterns, and I'm going with more of a box shape this time.  It's not because I think I'm too good for them, I'm a beginner and I like to figure things out on my own.  And I've checked out some patterns....not ready for that language yet.

Ha, I just finished my bag and it's a...less box, more asymmetrical.  Don't know how that happened.  Oh, well, it's only my second little bag.  Oh, i see where I messed up at.  Learning.

I don't know if I can use it for my deck though...a little wonky.

Oh, and I'm getting a sewing kit this Christmas from my mom, so I'll be able to sew in liners for my bags, too.  I have a sewing machine, but I don't know how to use it yet....but I do know how to sew.  8th grade Home Etc has paid off, unlike pre-algebra.  ;-P

Hm, I have a bunch of yarn hanging off, maybe I'll decorate with charms and beads instead of just cutting them off?

All right, so, my deck fits, but the booklet is a little harder to get in there.  Gotta be careful, until I make a more suitable bag, so I don't bend the corners.  My phone is charging, so I'll get pics up tomorrow.

My first tarot bag is wonky with love.

I think for future deck bags, I'll make the colors match the deck.

Onto the next unfinished project!

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