Saturday, December 24, 2016

Projects and a 2017 Goal for this Blog

I've finished some projects this weekend, like my mom's throw, finally.  Hafta wrap it today.

Fingerless gloves are also finished and cozy.  And they're roomy enough for gloves underneath.

As I sit here, working on a pot holder...or a dish rag...haven't decided yet, I've been thinking about all of the projects that I have in progress and all of those planned:


  1. Barn Bag
  2. Memorial Cat
  3. Pot Holder/Dish Rag
  4. Cookie Monster Bag
  5. Hestia's Banner
  6. Octopus


  1. Scarf to match the gloves
  2. Pencil Scarf for my BFF
  3. 4 Stuffed Monster Truck Tires
  4. Blobs for sons
  5. Khernip Hand Towel
  6. Yule Log

This year, I also plan on learning another stitch style.  Maybe not necessarily double, but something different.  I'm doing a coil style with the cookie monster bag, which is just a continuous single stitch, but it's giving me a different texture, which I'm happy with.
Blobs are from a PS4 game called A Boy and his Blob.  A game that my husband plays when the kids are around.  In the game, there's just this kid's best friend, a cute white blob that can transform into any shape, when it eats a certain type of colored bean.  My kids love Blob, so I figured it'd be something easy to make for them.  A big old soft pillow toy.  I haven't decided if I want to crochet it or use felt or fabric and just sew it together, and fill it with a bean bag like stuffing.  If I do crochet, I definitely don't want to use single stitch for it.  I'm kind of tired of this stitch.

My GGIL crocheted and knitted me some pot holders and dish rags for Christmas, they've inspired me to learn more stitches.  I really do love them, they're just fun colors and patterns and just lovely!  Every time I touch them, it sparks that desire to pick up my hook and yarn and just start making something.

Also I love how when I need something like rags, how I can just make them, instead of buy.  It takes a little bit of time, and yes in a way, I am buying a rag through the purchase of yarn, but it's something that I'm making with my own hands.

For #5, I've been studying Hellenic Polytheism for nearly a year, and one of the rituals that many HP's do is cleanse themselves of miasma (dirty energy, in a nut shell) before approaching the Gods.  They do so by washing their hands and sometimes faces with a lustral or holy/purified water called khernips.  I'm going to write a little post about it on this blog, because it's become an important element in my weekly home cleansing rituals.  And this is the Hearth and Home blog, after all.  Less crochet, more hearth and home posts--that's my goal for 2017.

Anyway, basically, I just want to make a towel for that cleansing ritual.  A towel that'll only be used for that task.

As for #6, I got the idea from a Facebook group, where someone had crochet one for their home.  Since mine is packed away and not exactly kid friendly, I thought about just crocheting one, too.  Maybe even making a faux candle or actually one of those LED candles would be best....  Then I could just purchase winter foliage from the Dollar Tree or something, and stick it into the stitching.  The kids could help, too.  

Yup, that's the plan project wise, and the goal for this blog next year.  More Pagan and Witchy posts having to do with hearth and home, as well as crochet projects.

Have a happy holiday and new years!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Add Another to the List, It's a Toddler Emergency!

Yesterday was Trick or Treat and my oldest went as Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines.  His favorite part of his costume is, of course, the tires.

Well, looks like I'm adding another project to my ever growing list: Stuffed tires.

He popped one of the inflatables and is really upset about it.  They sell repair kits, but I figure, ya can't pop a stuffed tire.  Even then, I have needle and thread.  So I've been looking at crocheting circles, and planning to make the tires look as close to Blaze's tires as I can.

Four circles, two with red, black, and orange hub caps.  Then two pieces of black and gray tread.  Seam it together, turn it inside out, fill it with stuffing, and sew it up.  And make little velcro handles on the inside....which I'll have to sew on before I seam and stuff anything.

With two kids, I'd have to make another set, though, I'd want to use different colors.  My youngest doesn't really watch Blaze and the Monster Machines, but tires are tires are toys, right?

I'll probably use bulky yarn to make the project go faster...and well, they're monster truck tires.  BULK IT UP!

Oh, and I did finish a project in October, a wide belt for my Cleric costume, I'll post that in my Hooker tab up there, later.

Projects I'm still working on are:

  1. Mom's throw
  2. Cookie Monster Bag
  3. Pot Holder
  4. Rice Heating Pack
  5. Memorial Stuffed Animal Prototype
  6. Barn Bag
  7. Stuffed Octopus
  8. Stuffed Tires
  9. Autumn Throw or Pillow.
The more pressing matters on here are 1, 5, and 8.  

Plus, I have two sewing projects in the works--Tarot pouches.  Those should go faster, though. 

Three things that I want for Yule: Shutterfly Gift Card, Sewing Basket Kit, and Yarns.  Lots of different colors and thicknesses.  That's it.  Oh, and the Hellenic Polytheism book about Household Worship. That's all.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Grief and Heart Work Projects

Went out and took advantage of a yarn sell this weekend. I bought a thing of soft, bulky brown Bernat (<-sp?), a purple for my mom's throw, and a fall green and brown for another throw that I want to make for myself.  Although I wish I had red, too....

Even though I already have....throw, pot holder, cookie monster bag, octopus, barn bag...I think that's it....6 projects going already, I started on a Miscarriage Memorial Animal for one of my friends.  It was supposed to be a teddy bear, but the shape of the ears alone changed it to a cat.  That's fine, she likes cats!  I'm going to crochet and sew an awareness ribbon around its neck.  I may make another for her living son, as well.  And make it more durable, just in case.

Since I'm not using any patterns or tutorials, I'm definitely learning from my mistakes with this bear-cat!  Good thing I'm making another right after, to apply what I'm learning, like when you're working with such small bits, to sew on the eyes and nose before you seam it up!  Oh, and make sure the button eyes are sew on in a way that it doesn't make the face look pissed off.  This cat looks so mad, lol.  I thought about sew in a smile, but then I had closed up the head already, so, next time, I guess!

I also bought some fabric so I can learn how to make divination pouches from fabric--quicker projects.  And sewing practice, I needs it.  One of the reasons why I chose to have a lot of sewing going on with the bear-cat.  That and sewing looks better than a yarn seam, it just disappears into the fluff of this particular yarn.

Plus, I want to start making rag doll and animals from cloth and t-shirts for Memorial pieces.  I'd like to start a business of Memorial things for Grief Work and Heart Work.  To spread this healing into the world.  Some things I'll sell and others I'll do for charity.

I was going to make arms and legs, but I may just make a tail to save on yarn for the bear.  Oh man, she used an elephant theme--I think--for her son.  Too bad I didn't see any gray Bernat yarn...maybe I'll go back this weekend and look again.  I also want red for my throw too....and I need a better variety of buttons for eyes and noses, too.

I'm going to be finishing this cat today and hopefully getting another block on my mom's throw down, too.Oh, this is the hot mess that is my mom's throw so far:

I started making it in my early months of learning crochet and I didn't know crap about the different types of yarns and how they might affect the width and length of your projects.  It's tapered and I'm wiser now!  I mom oughta like it....she better anyway.  If nothing else, she can or I can turn it into a pillow or pillow case....  But I've been working on this project for over a year, I am finishing it before the winter holidays for her gift!

I hope yall are doing well!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wave of Light

Image from Facebook Page Pregnancy After Loss Support

Now matter where you are in the world, at 7 pm light a candle for your loved ones, be them your child or anothers.  <3

Friday, September 23, 2016

Got September's Project Done!

Earlier, a Wiccan friend of mine came over, baring gifts of squash, egg plant, and the Wildwood Tarot.  I went through my yarn stores, looking for the right colors that matched the deck.  Didn't have any green, but plenty of white.  I didn't want white, though.  So I used an old early project: a Slytherin arm warmer.  I never got to finish it because I wanted silver yarn, then I ran out of the green and didn't think to keep it's label.

But that's fine, I added some white trim and a gold and white button, and ta-da:

My Wildwood Tarot deck pouch.

September's finished project for my newest deck.

Blessed Second Harvest and Happy First Day of Fall, Yall!

I had a great sabbat yesterday.  First, I made big coloring pages for the kids of fall scenes and cornucopia, with lots of pumpkins!  I had planned on making a lot of food, as I usually do, so I cut out sweet potato casserole and cut down on my vegetables, and still have a lot of left overs.  I made an awesome sage, butternut squash, and goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin with red potatoes and corn.  Harvest honey bread, and strawberry rhubarb pie.  The kids had a bit of the pork and potatoes, drank apple juice, and had some blueberry pie. 

Before we ate, I cleansed myself with the khernips, brushed my teeth, and veiled (I wasn't able to shower, as both my toddlers were wide awake).  I gave bread and lavender tea to Hestia; bread and butternut squash seeds to the Nature Spirits, Father Sun, Mother Earth, and Artemis; wine, seeds, wild harvested whole walnuts (thanks squirrels!), and dried cranberries to Dionysus; an acorn, honey, and bread to Ceres; and finally barley to the other Gods and Spirits of the Harvest and Fall. 

Then I also turned on the candles for my general Theoi....shrine....crap....I don't think I turned those off....nope!  Still flickering though!  Just because it's something from the Dollar Tree doesn't mean it's cheap!  Been on for hours! More than 12!  Still has juice!  Awesome.  Anywho, I honored the Theoi because each of Them also has a contribution to Fall and the Harvest, I feel.

I usually give Dionysus white wine because it's what I prefer, then give Poseidon red wine, if I have it.  But I think during the Harvest season, I may give Dionysus red wine to represent His blood, since the Harvest is a time of life and death.  Every harvest, He dies, then is reborn in the...spring?  I have it around the Dionysia, I don't know if that's UPG or something official.  Just kind of going with my gut, like when I used a dolphin to represent Amphitrite.  Another HP informed me that it was perfect, because the Immortal Dolphin Delphine brought Amphitrite and Poseidon together for marriage.  And for Poseidon, who's also associated with dolphins, I always felt that hippocampus were a better fit, because I see dolphins as being more feminine and hippocampus being more masculine.  Then, again, other HP's supported this preference with historical resources.  And since I learned that, I'm seeing more images of Him with hippocampus, whereas before I'd see Him with sea horses or dolphins. 

Another animal that I strongly associate with Poseidon is the octopus.  I think they're powerful and extremely intelligent creatures--cephalopods are one of my favorite sea creatures (whales and porpoise, too)--like Him. 

Next sabbat, I hope to have red wine for Dionysus.  I'd also like to visit goodwill and see if I can't find Him and Ceres a different shrine cloth.  I like the shimmery gold, but I also like to switch me up every season. 

Heck, even the red potatoes and corn were symbolic  Red for blood, potatoes for the Underworld/Spirit World, and corn, because I associate it with Dionysus.  Corn's a pretty good phallic symbol--fertility, and it's a big crop, among others that's harvested around this time. 

I meant to finish a banner that I started on when I first learned to crochet, for Hestia.  All I have to do is sew on a felt symbol, but whew, after that feast, I was full and done!  I hope to get around to finishing that today.  I haven't gotten any crocheted project done for this month.  I need to get crackin on something!

One of my Wiccan friends is coming over today, so I'll be trying my hand at making sauteed mushrooms.  My husband hates "fungus", so I don't get to enjoy mushrooms very often.  But I decided to add them to the harvest this time!  And I still have goat cheese and fresh sage left.  Maybe I can find a recipe incorporating these three ingredients? 

I hope yall had a great sabbat, whenever you plan(ned) on celebrating it. 

(also posted on Book of Mirrors and From the Mud)


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Taste Buds Blown!

Oh my Gods, yall.  I just made the best thing that I've every cooked:

Goat Cheese, Butternut Squash, Sage Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

So juicy, tender, flavorful, and oh my gosh.  Sooooooo gooood!  I don't even care for the red potatoes and corn that I made to do with it.  Well, that and I'm full!  I also have some honey harvest bread to go with it, and strawberry rhubarb pie, but yeah.  Full.  Glad that I decided to not make the sweet potato casserole!

Blessed Second Harvest and Fall, yall!

Oh, and I plan on finishing an earlier crochet piece--a banner for Hestia.  I've found the felt symbol finally, so now I can sew it onto the red banner.  Although, I'm pretty stuffed....but I do need to get some project done for this month.  And I need to do more work on my mom's throw. Goal is to have it finished by December!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Shrines

...well, two of them.  The two most important for me. 

Hestia's shrine, all redone for fall! Left to Right: a "hearth" oil burner, a tea pot, the kathiskos, a bottle of khernips, keys hanging behind them, crochet hooks, fall themed bowl with a red candle within, house key, coins, Hestia, my first crochet chain, rose quartz, spool of thread with needle, some purple flowers, sage wand, sage stick, house candle, mirror with protection sigil, tea cup for libations, spoon, and a ceramic dish of salted flour, all sitting on a red veil.

Gave the Ancestors a splash of fall, too!

These two may be all that I do...usually are.  Unless I can find something small for Dionysus.  And Hecate's space hangs above my children's door, or the pieces that I bring out for Dark Moons and ends of the months.  So that task's out of the way.  

I tried cleaning out my magikal cabinet....and wasn't that successful.  Practitioners are such hoarders!  But I did find my deer and boar teeth for divination purposes.  

Haha, we're so weird.  I was going through my stock like, "mums, roses, bumblebees, orange peels, peony root, wasps, teeth, bone, ribbons...oooo, lemon verbena oil!  Bark....egg shell powder..."  Items that would be so weird to muggles, that are completely normal to those of us who practice.  Well, those who use ingredients, I should type.  

I did toss some stuff....just not as much as I'd like, but at least I have room for my shrine stuff!

(also posted on Book of Mirrors)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Day Of Hope

A prayer flag that I crocheted for the child that I lost in October 2011, Nathan Jacen.  This was done for today's Day of Hope, thanks to the CarlyMarie Project Heal.

Single Stitch.  Some sewing for the ribbon, butterfly, and straps on the back.

The butterfly, I upcycled from an old hair pin that belonged to my grandmother.  It's over the ribbon to represent that she and our Ancestors are watching over him.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Agathos Daimon

Presenting my first crochet snake, representing the House Spirits, or as they're known in Hellenic Polytheism, the Agathos Daimon.  They are often represented by serpents, or by a young man holding a cornucopia.

Now I lost my measuring tape, but I think he's a about 2-ish feet long; single stitch, green body, ivory belly, two green button eyes sown on with black thread, and filled with green fuzzy, bendy pipe cleaner guts.  Took me 7 hours to make, and I definitely didn't intend on making him as complex when I started.  I was just going to make a simple green snake, long enough to use as a garland, to be draped all around Hestia's corner.  But as time ticked by, and I browsed pinterest and binge watched America's Worst Chefs on netflix, Agathos Daimon grew and gained a skeleton.

Still simple, and it was fun to make!  I would like to make a larger and thicker one for the kids.

He is my gift to the Agathos Daimon, who protect and bless this home and us with abundance and love.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pennie the Squid!

Here's Pennie Humbolt the Squid!  This was supposed to be a big ole octopus, complete with 8 arms, but I was running out of yarn, so the 5 legged squid she became.

I was hoping to give her eyes this round, but I didn't have the right buttons, although next cephalopod I may just give them yarn eyes, like I pig with the stuffed pig.  The blue yarn in the picture kind of looks like an eye.  But with practice, I hope to get these creatures looking a bit more correct.  Not necessarily realistic-ish, just less like a pillow with chains hanging off of it.

Oh, and not pictured, her head is a bit more pointed, less squared--er--rectangled.

Next one will hopefully be another octopus, because they're one of my favorite sea animals, and I would like to do them in red or a rustic orange...something closer to their color, although since they can change color, I guess any color would do, really....  I'll figure it out.  And I want it to be larger.

Oh, wait, here we go, with a size comparison of the two, too:

So that's weird, it uploaded vertical.  Huh.  Never had that happen before....

Monday, May 9, 2016


My first octopus. Figures that after I got two legs on, I realized that I should've attached the legs before seaming and sealing it up (to hide the seams). Next octopus! And the next one, I also want to give it eyes.

Oh, and this started out as a wash cloth that was then going to be a bag.  Now it's a fitting gift for Poseidon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Still Around

Book of Hearth and Home has really turned into a crochet blog, hasn't it?  Well, that's where the inspiration has taken me.  And crocheting is something that I feel goes in this area, even though I've mainly been making bags and purses.  The plan is to get good enough to start my selling them on etsy, or some similar website.  Selling various bags, such as tarot bags, because they're quick and easy to make.  Then some other bags.

I just finished making a "Wild Harvest" bag.  I wear a lot of skirts and that don't have pockets, so I made this small bag so that I would have a place to put my findings and gifts, when out hiking and exploring.  I'm going to give it a trial run to see if I want to add a button or zipper to it before I dedicate it to Artemis.  Yet I'm already thinking about redoing the shoulder strap because I made it too short.  I like straps that go over my head for security reasons.

There's that.

I'm currently working on another smaller bag.

Bags bags bags!  My goal is to, at least, get a project finished each month, then up the amount as I get better and faster.  Get proficient with single stitch, work out all of my kinks, then move onto double and so on.

Eventually, I'll finish that blanket that I started on for my mom.  Eventually!  It's daunting!  After I finish with this new bag...or dish cloth (haven't settled on what it's going to be, actually), I'm going to work on some Miscarriage and Infant Loss Memorial Blankets, too, for charities that I want to be a part of.

Anyway, selling these items will help the hearth and home, and I do this action as part of my devotionals to Hestia and Ancestral Veneration.

Sorry for the disjointed post, kids are distracting me.  Story of my life.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Spring Cleaning To Do List

Will add as I remember and accomplish.  For tonight, I need to focus on preparing for the first day of the Dionysia, and clean up His shrine, and purify myself.  
  • Dry the egg shells in the oven.  
  • Crush the egg shells into a powder
  • Make protection powder.
  • Clean and organize kitchen
  • Clean the shrines
  • Take a detoxing bath
  • Drink detoxing tea
  • Gather donations
  • Clean floors - vacuum and mop with another carpet freshener/magik powder and a wash.
  • Clean upstairs
  • Toddler proof boys' closet.  
  • Finish cleaning the patio
  • Toss out old tables
  • Spiritually Clean House with smudge stick
  • Recharge wards
  • Refresh satchels
  • Clean and organize living room
  • Freshen up bedrooms
  • Wash bedding
  • Wash the plastic eggs
  • Prepare the kid's Equinox pails (stuffed bunny, farm bath toys, yogurt bites, 1 chocolate egg each)

Food Stuffs:
  • Boil eggs
  • Bake honey cake (for offerings)
  • Bake carrot cake (for us)  This year, instead of making the cake into a March Hare, I'm going to use some of the extra plastic eggs and create a little scene with them and some edible pearls of green, purple, and blue.  Dress it up kind of nice...or have the boys help me decorate the cake.  That sounds fun and dangerously messy!
  • Slow Cook Irish Lamb Stew (for us)

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Quite the Growth in a Year

I still haven't started on Double Stitching yet, but I have a lot of projects to make, and not that much time.  So it's best for me to go at them with a technique that I already know.  The projects are:

  1. Finish Mom's blanket (gift)
  2. Finished the Barn Back Pack
  3. Miscarriage Memorial Blanket (gift)
  4. Tarot Bag (going to make this tomorrow) (gift)
  5. A Lefty for my special project (need before the 3rd)
Tonight, I just finished a shoulder purse.  It was going to be a toddler blanket, but the super bulky yarn was too heavy and stiff, so I turned the blanket into a purse instead.  One thing that I've learned as a parent is that you can never have too many bags.  Purse, bag, for momma or toddler, whatever.  

I learned a thing or five while making this purse.  One of the biggies was, hiding the ugly bits.  The tied off ends and seams.  Just turn it inside out!

Side seam, doesn't look too bad!

I really want to share this on Facebook, but it's a gift!  

I was just telling my husband, who said, "You should be proud.  You stuck with it."  And I am proud.  The difference between crochetting and general fine arts is that this is more practical.  Less decoration.  This is stuff that people can actually use.  The goal is to sell these projects, as well as for one of the original reasons for learning crochet: for charity.  

I also wouldn't mind making money off my creations.  Not saying that I'm going to get rich, starving artists and all that, but to make some money and give my customers something handmade from my heart, would be nice, too.  

Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Been One Year!

The Barn Bag, I was hoping on having it finished on the 30th or 31st to mark my one year of crocheting....but that didn't happen.  The roof is taking longer than expected, and I'm distracted by other things, like a possible invention that I want to crochet (I actually came up with it in 2009-10).  I don't know if my ideal exists, and it might actually be kind of dumb, but how many "dumb" inventions are out there now that have made their creators lots of money?

I'm not delusional in this, I know that the chances are slim, but I figure why not?  Go for it and see what happens.  I found it useful when I was in school, so maybe others will, too?  And I haven't seen anything like it before.  Yet.

After the barn, I'm going to crochet it, then look into patents and whatever else I need.

Then while I'm researching, I'm going to work on my mom's blanket.

The next project, after or during, I'm going to start learning how to double stitch.  Hopefully the next project will be either the stuffed Tree Frog or the Mike Wazowski pillow for my oldest son.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hopefully Soon!

I figured out what to do with that Idle Hands bag, I'm using it to store my shrine stuff for Papa Legba and Baron Samedi, as I don't have the room for it anywhere else.

And I started on the Barn Bag for the kids.  All I need is a roof, back pack straps, and a handle.  Ta-da, it'll be ready for use.  Oh, and I need to stitch in some doors, too. I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the month.

It's funny though, every time I pull it out, my toddler says, "No, mommy.  Work on granmas blankie!"

Well, yeah, I do need to work on that too, don't I?

I still plan on making him a stuffed tree frog, but I think I might also make him a Mike from Monsters, Inc.  He's pretty into those two movies, now.  Which means I'll have to learn circular stitching.  I'm looking forward to that little project.  Make him a nice big ole Mike pillow.  Sounds simple enough.

And we learned that we'll be able to buy a house at the end of the year, as long as we stay on top of everything!  I'm very excited about that, and driven.  I was laid off in the beginning of the year, but I'm eagerly looking for another job, to help my husband achieve our dreams of the Hopeful Homestead.

Hubby wants to wait until we get the house before trying for our next kid.  I just hope that it doesn't take too long, as I don't want the kids to be too far apart in age.  My limit is four years, between the middle and youngest.  But even that's pushing it.  My brother and I are 6.5 years apart and we're not close at all.  I don't want that for my kids--for age to be a factor as to why they're not close.

Fingers crossed that this time next year, we'll be looking for our country house.  In an area where we can own chickens and goats, and have the room for the coop and pen.


The spirits are advising to stay focused on our goals, keep working hard, and that we're on the right track.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Idle Hands Bag

This is my Idle Hands bag. I made it at work, choosing to work on it on breaks and lunches, because if I went idle for too long, I got burnt out quicker, so I gave myself a project with ugly yarn. 

It's a practice bag, full of mistakes, experiments, successes, and learning (single stitch, 10 X 12 inches). Now I need to give myself a new work project...

Started it in December, finished it last night.

It's ugly as sin, but it was a good learning project.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

"Pig Like Peppa!"

My first stuffed animal, a piggy for my youngest. Bernat Baby Blanket Super Bulky (6), Peachy (03510), 6.5 mm Hook.

Took a little over 3 hours to crochet, single stitch. Stuffed with yarn. 13 inches long, approx. 5 inches fat. 

No legs, because I didn't like the way they looked, and yarn eyes. 

No pattern.

Not bad for someone who doesn't quite know what they're doing. My 1-year crochet anniversary is coming up in a month!

Will be making a Tree Frog for my oldest soon, too!

Yarn and Ash

Whoo, got more yarn!  My GG-in-Law, also gave me new hooks and a tote bag.  I still need to buy yarn for a pig and a tree frog that I want to make for my sons, but yeah, I'm good for a little bit.  Now with all of this yarn, I need my own space.  So I'm going to get one of those plastic drawers for yarns, tools, and projects, and sit it by the door, between Hestia and the Ancestors.

I also got a bit more done on my mom's blanket....hopefully a birthday blanket.

Yarn aside, I just smudged my house.  We just got back from Kentucky this evening, and the Runes and Cards have been saying that I need to cleanse and purify myself and my home.  So I did a smudging for tonight, and plan on doing a bit more cleaning tomorrow.

The sage spit out a lot of ash tonight, so instead of disposing of it, I decided to keep it in a bottle, to be used for later house blessings, Hestia offerings, and other types of home protections and banishings. Why not?

Between cleansing and detox and all of that jazz, my divination sessions and the Deities are urging me to start new and finish old projects.  To be proud of my journey so far, and to keep going.  I am and I will.