Saturday, January 2, 2016

Yarn and Ash

Whoo, got more yarn!  My GG-in-Law, also gave me new hooks and a tote bag.  I still need to buy yarn for a pig and a tree frog that I want to make for my sons, but yeah, I'm good for a little bit.  Now with all of this yarn, I need my own space.  So I'm going to get one of those plastic drawers for yarns, tools, and projects, and sit it by the door, between Hestia and the Ancestors.

I also got a bit more done on my mom's blanket....hopefully a birthday blanket.

Yarn aside, I just smudged my house.  We just got back from Kentucky this evening, and the Runes and Cards have been saying that I need to cleanse and purify myself and my home.  So I did a smudging for tonight, and plan on doing a bit more cleaning tomorrow.

The sage spit out a lot of ash tonight, so instead of disposing of it, I decided to keep it in a bottle, to be used for later house blessings, Hestia offerings, and other types of home protections and banishings. Why not?

Between cleansing and detox and all of that jazz, my divination sessions and the Deities are urging me to start new and finish old projects.  To be proud of my journey so far, and to keep going.  I am and I will.

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