Monday, February 1, 2016

It's Been One Year!

The Barn Bag, I was hoping on having it finished on the 30th or 31st to mark my one year of crocheting....but that didn't happen.  The roof is taking longer than expected, and I'm distracted by other things, like a possible invention that I want to crochet (I actually came up with it in 2009-10).  I don't know if my ideal exists, and it might actually be kind of dumb, but how many "dumb" inventions are out there now that have made their creators lots of money?

I'm not delusional in this, I know that the chances are slim, but I figure why not?  Go for it and see what happens.  I found it useful when I was in school, so maybe others will, too?  And I haven't seen anything like it before.  Yet.

After the barn, I'm going to crochet it, then look into patents and whatever else I need.

Then while I'm researching, I'm going to work on my mom's blanket.

The next project, after or during, I'm going to start learning how to double stitch.  Hopefully the next project will be either the stuffed Tree Frog or the Mike Wazowski pillow for my oldest son.

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