Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Still Around

Book of Hearth and Home has really turned into a crochet blog, hasn't it?  Well, that's where the inspiration has taken me.  And crocheting is something that I feel goes in this area, even though I've mainly been making bags and purses.  The plan is to get good enough to start my selling them on etsy, or some similar website.  Selling various bags, such as tarot bags, because they're quick and easy to make.  Then some other bags.

I just finished making a "Wild Harvest" bag.  I wear a lot of skirts and that don't have pockets, so I made this small bag so that I would have a place to put my findings and gifts, when out hiking and exploring.  I'm going to give it a trial run to see if I want to add a button or zipper to it before I dedicate it to Artemis.  Yet I'm already thinking about redoing the shoulder strap because I made it too short.  I like straps that go over my head for security reasons.

There's that.

I'm currently working on another smaller bag.

Bags bags bags!  My goal is to, at least, get a project finished each month, then up the amount as I get better and faster.  Get proficient with single stitch, work out all of my kinks, then move onto double and so on.

Eventually, I'll finish that blanket that I started on for my mom.  Eventually!  It's daunting!  After I finish with this new bag...or dish cloth (haven't settled on what it's going to be, actually), I'm going to work on some Miscarriage and Infant Loss Memorial Blankets, too, for charities that I want to be a part of.

Anyway, selling these items will help the hearth and home, and I do this action as part of my devotionals to Hestia and Ancestral Veneration.

Sorry for the disjointed post, kids are distracting me.  Story of my life.

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