Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Pennie the Squid!

Here's Pennie Humbolt the Squid!  This was supposed to be a big ole octopus, complete with 8 arms, but I was running out of yarn, so the 5 legged squid she became.

I was hoping to give her eyes this round, but I didn't have the right buttons, although next cephalopod I may just give them yarn eyes, like I pig with the stuffed pig.  The blue yarn in the picture kind of looks like an eye.  But with practice, I hope to get these creatures looking a bit more correct.  Not necessarily realistic-ish, just less like a pillow with chains hanging off of it.

Oh, and not pictured, her head is a bit more pointed, less squared--er--rectangled.

Next one will hopefully be another octopus, because they're one of my favorite sea animals, and I would like to do them in red or a rustic orange...something closer to their color, although since they can change color, I guess any color would do, really....  I'll figure it out.  And I want it to be larger.

Oh, wait, here we go, with a size comparison of the two, too:

So that's weird, it uploaded vertical.  Huh.  Never had that happen before....