Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Agathos Daimon

Presenting my first crochet snake, representing the House Spirits, or as they're known in Hellenic Polytheism, the Agathos Daimon.  They are often represented by serpents, or by a young man holding a cornucopia.

Now I lost my measuring tape, but I think he's a about 2-ish feet long; single stitch, green body, ivory belly, two green button eyes sown on with black thread, and filled with green fuzzy, bendy pipe cleaner guts.  Took me 7 hours to make, and I definitely didn't intend on making him as complex when I started.  I was just going to make a simple green snake, long enough to use as a garland, to be draped all around Hestia's corner.  But as time ticked by, and I browsed pinterest and binge watched America's Worst Chefs on netflix, Agathos Daimon grew and gained a skeleton.

Still simple, and it was fun to make!  I would like to make a larger and thicker one for the kids.

He is my gift to the Agathos Daimon, who protect and bless this home and us with abundance and love.