Friday, September 23, 2016

Blessed Second Harvest and Happy First Day of Fall, Yall!

I had a great sabbat yesterday.  First, I made big coloring pages for the kids of fall scenes and cornucopia, with lots of pumpkins!  I had planned on making a lot of food, as I usually do, so I cut out sweet potato casserole and cut down on my vegetables, and still have a lot of left overs.  I made an awesome sage, butternut squash, and goat cheese stuffed pork tenderloin with red potatoes and corn.  Harvest honey bread, and strawberry rhubarb pie.  The kids had a bit of the pork and potatoes, drank apple juice, and had some blueberry pie. 

Before we ate, I cleansed myself with the khernips, brushed my teeth, and veiled (I wasn't able to shower, as both my toddlers were wide awake).  I gave bread and lavender tea to Hestia; bread and butternut squash seeds to the Nature Spirits, Father Sun, Mother Earth, and Artemis; wine, seeds, wild harvested whole walnuts (thanks squirrels!), and dried cranberries to Dionysus; an acorn, honey, and bread to Ceres; and finally barley to the other Gods and Spirits of the Harvest and Fall. 

Then I also turned on the candles for my general Theoi....shrine....crap....I don't think I turned those off....nope!  Still flickering though!  Just because it's something from the Dollar Tree doesn't mean it's cheap!  Been on for hours! More than 12!  Still has juice!  Awesome.  Anywho, I honored the Theoi because each of Them also has a contribution to Fall and the Harvest, I feel.

I usually give Dionysus white wine because it's what I prefer, then give Poseidon red wine, if I have it.  But I think during the Harvest season, I may give Dionysus red wine to represent His blood, since the Harvest is a time of life and death.  Every harvest, He dies, then is reborn in the...spring?  I have it around the Dionysia, I don't know if that's UPG or something official.  Just kind of going with my gut, like when I used a dolphin to represent Amphitrite.  Another HP informed me that it was perfect, because the Immortal Dolphin Delphine brought Amphitrite and Poseidon together for marriage.  And for Poseidon, who's also associated with dolphins, I always felt that hippocampus were a better fit, because I see dolphins as being more feminine and hippocampus being more masculine.  Then, again, other HP's supported this preference with historical resources.  And since I learned that, I'm seeing more images of Him with hippocampus, whereas before I'd see Him with sea horses or dolphins. 

Another animal that I strongly associate with Poseidon is the octopus.  I think they're powerful and extremely intelligent creatures--cephalopods are one of my favorite sea creatures (whales and porpoise, too)--like Him. 

Next sabbat, I hope to have red wine for Dionysus.  I'd also like to visit goodwill and see if I can't find Him and Ceres a different shrine cloth.  I like the shimmery gold, but I also like to switch me up every season. 

Heck, even the red potatoes and corn were symbolic  Red for blood, potatoes for the Underworld/Spirit World, and corn, because I associate it with Dionysus.  Corn's a pretty good phallic symbol--fertility, and it's a big crop, among others that's harvested around this time. 

I meant to finish a banner that I started on when I first learned to crochet, for Hestia.  All I have to do is sew on a felt symbol, but whew, after that feast, I was full and done!  I hope to get around to finishing that today.  I haven't gotten any crocheted project done for this month.  I need to get crackin on something!

One of my Wiccan friends is coming over today, so I'll be trying my hand at making sauteed mushrooms.  My husband hates "fungus", so I don't get to enjoy mushrooms very often.  But I decided to add them to the harvest this time!  And I still have goat cheese and fresh sage left.  Maybe I can find a recipe incorporating these three ingredients? 

I hope yall had a great sabbat, whenever you plan(ned) on celebrating it. 

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