Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall Shrines

...well, two of them.  The two most important for me. 

Hestia's shrine, all redone for fall! Left to Right: a "hearth" oil burner, a tea pot, the kathiskos, a bottle of khernips, keys hanging behind them, crochet hooks, fall themed bowl with a red candle within, house key, coins, Hestia, my first crochet chain, rose quartz, spool of thread with needle, some purple flowers, sage wand, sage stick, house candle, mirror with protection sigil, tea cup for libations, spoon, and a ceramic dish of salted flour, all sitting on a red veil.

Gave the Ancestors a splash of fall, too!

These two may be all that I do...usually are.  Unless I can find something small for Dionysus.  And Hecate's space hangs above my children's door, or the pieces that I bring out for Dark Moons and ends of the months.  So that task's out of the way.  

I tried cleaning out my magikal cabinet....and wasn't that successful.  Practitioners are such hoarders!  But I did find my deer and boar teeth for divination purposes.  

Haha, we're so weird.  I was going through my stock like, "mums, roses, bumblebees, orange peels, peony root, wasps, teeth, bone, ribbons...oooo, lemon verbena oil!  Bark....egg shell powder..."  Items that would be so weird to muggles, that are completely normal to those of us who practice.  Well, those who use ingredients, I should type.  

I did toss some stuff....just not as much as I'd like, but at least I have room for my shrine stuff!

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