Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Add Another to the List, It's a Toddler Emergency!

Yesterday was Trick or Treat and my oldest went as Blaze from Blaze and the Monster Machines.  His favorite part of his costume is, of course, the tires.

Well, looks like I'm adding another project to my ever growing list: Stuffed tires.

He popped one of the inflatables and is really upset about it.  They sell repair kits, but I figure, ya can't pop a stuffed tire.  Even then, I have needle and thread.  So I've been looking at crocheting circles, and planning to make the tires look as close to Blaze's tires as I can.

Four circles, two with red, black, and orange hub caps.  Then two pieces of black and gray tread.  Seam it together, turn it inside out, fill it with stuffing, and sew it up.  And make little velcro handles on the inside....which I'll have to sew on before I seam and stuff anything.

With two kids, I'd have to make another set, though, I'd want to use different colors.  My youngest doesn't really watch Blaze and the Monster Machines, but tires are tires are toys, right?

I'll probably use bulky yarn to make the project go faster...and well, they're monster truck tires.  BULK IT UP!

Oh, and I did finish a project in October, a wide belt for my Cleric costume, I'll post that in my Hooker tab up there, later.

Projects I'm still working on are:

  1. Mom's throw
  2. Cookie Monster Bag
  3. Pot Holder
  4. Rice Heating Pack
  5. Memorial Stuffed Animal Prototype
  6. Barn Bag
  7. Stuffed Octopus
  8. Stuffed Tires
  9. Autumn Throw or Pillow.
The more pressing matters on here are 1, 5, and 8.  

Plus, I have two sewing projects in the works--Tarot pouches.  Those should go faster, though. 

Three things that I want for Yule: Shutterfly Gift Card, Sewing Basket Kit, and Yarns.  Lots of different colors and thicknesses.  That's it.  Oh, and the Hellenic Polytheism book about Household Worship. That's all.

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