Saturday, December 24, 2016

Projects and a 2017 Goal for this Blog

I've finished some projects this weekend, like my mom's throw, finally.  Hafta wrap it today.

Fingerless gloves are also finished and cozy.  And they're roomy enough for gloves underneath.

As I sit here, working on a pot holder...or a dish rag...haven't decided yet, I've been thinking about all of the projects that I have in progress and all of those planned:


  1. Barn Bag
  2. Memorial Cat
  3. Pot Holder/Dish Rag
  4. Cookie Monster Bag
  5. Hestia's Banner
  6. Octopus


  1. Scarf to match the gloves
  2. Pencil Scarf for my BFF
  3. 4 Stuffed Monster Truck Tires
  4. Blobs for sons
  5. Khernip Hand Towel
  6. Yule Log

This year, I also plan on learning another stitch style.  Maybe not necessarily double, but something different.  I'm doing a coil style with the cookie monster bag, which is just a continuous single stitch, but it's giving me a different texture, which I'm happy with.
Blobs are from a PS4 game called A Boy and his Blob.  A game that my husband plays when the kids are around.  In the game, there's just this kid's best friend, a cute white blob that can transform into any shape, when it eats a certain type of colored bean.  My kids love Blob, so I figured it'd be something easy to make for them.  A big old soft pillow toy.  I haven't decided if I want to crochet it or use felt or fabric and just sew it together, and fill it with a bean bag like stuffing.  If I do crochet, I definitely don't want to use single stitch for it.  I'm kind of tired of this stitch.

My GGIL crocheted and knitted me some pot holders and dish rags for Christmas, they've inspired me to learn more stitches.  I really do love them, they're just fun colors and patterns and just lovely!  Every time I touch them, it sparks that desire to pick up my hook and yarn and just start making something.

Also I love how when I need something like rags, how I can just make them, instead of buy.  It takes a little bit of time, and yes in a way, I am buying a rag through the purchase of yarn, but it's something that I'm making with my own hands.

For #5, I've been studying Hellenic Polytheism for nearly a year, and one of the rituals that many HP's do is cleanse themselves of miasma (dirty energy, in a nut shell) before approaching the Gods.  They do so by washing their hands and sometimes faces with a lustral or holy/purified water called khernips.  I'm going to write a little post about it on this blog, because it's become an important element in my weekly home cleansing rituals.  And this is the Hearth and Home blog, after all.  Less crochet, more hearth and home posts--that's my goal for 2017.

Anyway, basically, I just want to make a towel for that cleansing ritual.  A towel that'll only be used for that task.

As for #6, I got the idea from a Facebook group, where someone had crochet one for their home.  Since mine is packed away and not exactly kid friendly, I thought about just crocheting one, too.  Maybe even making a faux candle or actually one of those LED candles would be best....  Then I could just purchase winter foliage from the Dollar Tree or something, and stick it into the stitching.  The kids could help, too.  

Yup, that's the plan project wise, and the goal for this blog next year.  More Pagan and Witchy posts having to do with hearth and home, as well as crochet projects.

Have a happy holiday and new years!

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