Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Home Blessing

New Years Eve, I performed a banishing and letting go ritual, with the aid of Hestia, Dionysus, and Hephaestus.  After the new year came in, I performed a Home Blessing, and recharged my wards.

I cleansed my hands of miasma, using a lustral water called Khernips, and saged myself before approaching Hestia's shrine.

I saged my home, walking about saying, "In Hestia's name, I cleanse my home of negative energies and entities.  Only good may reside here."

I addressed the house spirits, reminding the old and telling the new what my home's ground rules are if one should visit or stay here with us.

I fed my House Guardians flame and energy.

I gave Hestia offerings, sprinkling them into Her sacred flame, and invited the House Guardians to assist me in warding.  Taking the protection powder, which is a mixture of salt, pepper, st. john's wort, and something else, I charged it again on Hestia's shrine, as I always do.  Then I sprinkled the powder on the window sills and threshold, repeating, "With this powder, I set up a barrier, a filter that protects this home  and its inhabitants from those who wish us harm, be it mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual harm."

Next, I grabbed my Return to Sender oil.  This is comprised of olive oil, cayenne, and other ingredients.  All simple, all found in the pantry.  This is a weapon oil, and I don't asked for Hestia's blessings over it because of that.  This oil not only returns to sender any ill wishes or actions, but it does so with quite the kick.  A warning the first time, then an ass kicking the next.

On the outside of my home, I draw a sigil with my finger in the oil, and charge it to act upon negative energies, entities, casters, people--anyone who sends us ill will or actions meant to harm us mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

After a thorough washing of my hands, I moved onto the next step, Hestia's Ash.  I collect the ash from smoke cleansing sticks and incense, and use the ash for later spells and ritual that correspond to the whatever I was burning these things for.  Most of it is for purification and protection.  Sometimes I use this ash to mark my statues, especially the porous ones.  Once I get sealed statues, I want to ritually bath or anoint them with oils, wines, and perfumes.  Until then, sometimes I use ash or powders.

The collected ash is charged and blessed, then used to mark Hestia, then the foreheads of those who reside in this home.  Soon, I also plan on getting wooden or stone crude or primitive carvings to represent each member of this household for our Family Shrine, to mark those.  Anyway, the ash is another step of blessing and protecting us.

There's the first ritual of 2017, a simple home and family protection ritual.  Later, I'll write up a post about khernips.

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