Saturday, January 28, 2017

Scarf and Khernips

Hey, look, I finally learned how to double stitch!

Made myself a Hufflepuff scarf that I finished on the 26th (started on the 6th), and I just finished a matching left glove today.  Hopefully, I'll finish the right glove tomorrow.  It's my second scarf, and is a little wonky, but it taught me about double stitch, half double stitch, and stitch count.  

I love DS, it's simpler than I thought and it's fun.  Quicker, too.  

Tonight is Hecate's Deipnon, tomorrow is the Ancestor's Moon, which for me is the Dark Moon.  I'll be making a fresh batch of Khernips on the Noumenia, which is Sunday.  So basically, Khernips are a type of lustral water, like holy water or moon water--water that's been blessed by the Powers and used for anything, depending on the intention it was charged with.  In the case of Khernips, Hellenic Polytheists use it for purification--for cleansing oneself of miasma, which is spiritual pollution.  It's not necessarily bad, it's just like dirt you pick up throughout the day (although it can be, depending on circumstances).

It's super easy to make.  If you'd like more information, this link will take you to Baring the Aegis's tag on Khernips.  The first posts are very informative.  This is how I make it. 

- Fresh water, spring water, bottled water.  (I typically use tap).
- Salt (sometimes I use sea salt if I have it)
- A purifying herb (I use sage from my stick)
- Lighter
  1. Pour your water in a bowl or a container.  
  2. Add the salt to the water, and swirl it around--I swirl it clockwise. 
  3. Light the sage and drop it into the water, saying, "Be purified".  I speak English because I'm absolutely terrible at trying to pronounce Greek.  The Greek is, "Xerniptosia" (zer-nip-tos-aye-ee).  Instead of tripping over my tongue, I just speak my Mother tongue.  The words aren't as important as the intention behind it.  
  4. I take the water to Hestia's shrine and ask for Her blessings over it, giving my intention for it: to cleanse myself of miasma for rituals. 
  5. When I need to use it, I pour the water over my hands and sometimes face.  I may shower in it, depending on the ritual and how much of the water is left.  I bought a bowl specifically for this ritual, the ritual which is called Katharmos in Hellenic Polytheism. And I plan on crocheting myself a special towel, too.  After I finish my womanrunes bag.

And there you go, Khernips, a type of lustral water.  I renew my bottle, or "khernibeionas" (Shipping the Gods) every Noumenia--or New Moon, which is the start of the new month in HP, but I don't follow the Athenian calendar, I still use the Gregorian calendar because it's easier for me.  However, I use the Deipnon, Noumenia, and Agathos Daimon as a way to honor the dark and new moon (I'm still working everything out), as well as the Powers associated.

Yeah, making and using khernips has become a pretty important part of my Hearth and Home duties.  I hope to take photos of the process Sunday, so hopefully those will be wonderful and shareable.  

Have a good weekend.

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