Sunday, July 9, 2017

Battle Help

Whoa, haven't posted here in a long time!  Spiritual life's been busy and home life hasn't really been enough to make a post about, minus what I post on my main blogs, anyway.

Until now.

Well, for a while, I was in a funk and wasn't really taking care of anything.  Since the Vestalia in June, I've been doing more self and home care.  I'm battling against the addictions of internet and gaming; and also dealing with health problems in the family.  I'm doing pretty well with my gaming limits, but struggling against the internet limits.  I'm trying to get fill the unhealthy cravings with activities like hiking, gym, crocheting, sewing, cleaning, and other busy, yet functional tasks.

The Vestalia (June 7-15th) 
June 9th, Celebration Day

First this is a huge stuffed fox that I crocheted for the boys:

I didn't intend on this fox being this large.  I'm not a very good judge of size, especially since I don't use patterns.  But my kids love it.  Next large stuffed animal I'm making is going to be a whale for my pregnant SIL.  They're having a boy with the theme of whales.  So baby can't pull out the stuffing, I'm going to line it with fabric on the inside...or use an empty pillow case as a liner.

I'm currently working on a pouch for my oracle deck.

I know that I wanted to post more than just crochet stuff, but nothing's really changed on the home and hearth front, that I haven't posted about in my other blogs.  I was thinking about just deleting this blog, but I like having a place to talk about my crochet stuff, and other arts and crafts.

Anywho, I have to plan for my next big projects that need to be finished before October, when my SIL is having her baby shower.  I'm going to make a big stuffed whale and either a blanket or a bag.  I think she's probably going to get a lot of blankets, and honestly, you can't have too many bags when it comes to young kids!  Learned that lesson!  I'm also going to use a pillow case for the inside liner of the bag.  Pillow cases are great!

She was telling me today that she already has waaaay too many clothes!  I told her to start asking for diapers and wipes.  She's going to need those!  In fact, I may throw in some diapers and wipes once I finish the bag.

Big projects that are going to require a lot of yarn and time.  This oughta help with my addiction battles.

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