Calender 2016

Moons, Days, Sabbats, and Festivals.

Some important dates to me.  Some more important than others.  A couple days are new and I haven't decided if I'm going to incorporate them into my path yet.

Moons (New, Full):
  • January: 9 (n), 23 (f)
  • February: 8 (n), 22(f)
  • March: 8 (n), 23 (f)
  • April: 7 (n), 21 (f)
  • May: 6 (n), 21 (f)
  • June: 4 (n), 20 (f)
  • July: 4 (n), 19 (f)
  • August: 2 (n), 21 (f)
  • September: 1 (n), 16 (f), 30 (n)
  • October: 15 (f), 30 (n)
  • November: 14 (n), 20 (f)
  • December: (13 (n), 28 (f)
  • Dark Moons are sacred to the Ancestors and the Spirits.
  • New Moons are sacred to Artemis and Kuan Yin.
  • Full Moons are sacred to Tara and Ceres.
  • The 6th of every month is sacred to Artemis.
  • January 15: The Feast of the Ass, "celebrated in Rome in honor of Hestia and the donkey who saved her from Priaprus" (Element)
  • Spring Equinox: March 20, Friday
  • March/April: The Festival of Artemis the Deer Hunter (Neokoroi)
  • March 1: Roman New Year, when the fires of Vesta's temples were renewed.  "Cakes were thrown into the fire as offering" (Element).  Although this information is in conflict with another two other websites that state that on the last day of The Vestalia, Vesta's sacred flame was renewed.
  • April 11-19: The Cerealia (Lacus Curtius, Nova Roma)
  • April 28th: Feast Day of Vesta
  • May Day: May 1st
  • May 9: The Feast of Artemis, where offerings of honey cakes were given to wildlife (Sacredwicca)
  • May 17th: Thargalia, Celebration honoring Artemis and Apollo.
  • June 6th: Artemisia, "where anything goes, celebrating freedom and modern inspiration" (Neokoroi)
  • June 7-15: The Vestalia
  • Summer Solstice: June 20
  • First Harvest: August 1st
  • The Vulcanalia: August 23rd
  • Fall Equinox: September 22
  •  Ludi Cereales: October 4 (Nova Roma: Ceres)
  • Ancestor's Day: October 31st
  • Last Harvest: Last Thursday of November
  • Winter Solstice: December 21st
  • Dionysus Day: December 31st

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