Evolution of Hooking

January 20, 2015 (Year of the Single Stitch):


6th - First Project, Scarf

Unfinished Banner for Hestia, but the crochet part is done.

7th: Memorial Blanket 

Envelope Purse

A blanket that's been in progress since April.  


9th: Wonky Tarot Bag

January 2016:

2:  First stuffed animal.

3: Idle Hands Bag.  Started in December, worked on it during breaks and lunches at work.  Finished it early January 3rd.


21st: Barn Back Pack (only needs a strap and the doors, almost finished), Single Stitch

27th: Shoulder Purse, Single Stitch


25th: Tarot Bag, Single Stitch.  First time doing a button.


17th: Wild Harvest Bag.  Single Stitch.

9th:  My first octopus (gift for Poseidon).  Single Stitch.

21st:  My first squid, Pennie Humbolt.  Single Stitch.  A bit larger than the octopus.

19th: My first snake, representing my home's Agathos Daimon (House Spirits).  
Green body, ivory belly, button eyes, bendy pipe cleaner guts, and is 3 feet long!

19th: Day of Hope Prayer Flag for my son, Nathan Jacen (October 2011).  
Single Stitch.  Some sewing.  Made within a few hours.

23rd: Wildwood Tarot Pouch.  Single Stitch, sown button.  Reused an earlier project, 
that was the perfect fit.  Added some white trim, seamed it, added a button, and an ivory tie.  

28th: Cleric Belt. Wide belt. Single Stitch.  Bernat Blanket.  Soft.  Super Bulky 6. 8mm Hook.  Taupe.  Polyester.
Ties together.

11th: Mom's Throw is finally finished!  Took me a little over a year to make, and I learned a bit, as you can see, since it tapers down a bit and bulges a little.  

11th: Left glove Arm Warmer finished.  Single Stitch. Lion Brand.  Striped Tweed.  Orchid.  Bulky 5.  10.5 Hook.  Acrylic. 
Seamed with Bernat Super Value.  Mulberry.  Medium. 4.  5 mm Hook.  Acrylic.  
Right was finished a couple of days later.

24th: Pot Holder.  Single Stitch.  Caron brand.  Off White.  Medium. 4.  5 mm Hook.  Acrylic.
Double layered and seamed.

January 2017 (Year of the Double Stitch): 
5th: Second tire attempt.  I think I know what I did wrong.  Hopefully next attempt it'll be flatter.  Single stitch.  Continuous circle.

26th: Hufflepuff scarf.  First time Double Stitching successfully.  
I also have a matching glove that I finished on the 27?  When I get the righty done, I'll photograph them both.

28th: Katharmos Towel.  Double Stitch.  Bernat Baby Blanket.  
Super Bulky.

30th: Hufflepuff Hand....arm fingerless glove warmer things.  Double Stitch. 
I know they look more Steeler, but I was running out of yellow and wanted something to match my scarf while it was still cold. So Steelers in season, Hufflepuff off season. :-)

For the scarf, I plan on getting a Hufflepuff patch and sew it on so there's no confusion!

31st: Rune Bag.  Continuous Single Stitch.  Coiled.  Red.  I originally wanted to make it a draw string bag, but I forgot to leave two slits on either side for the strings.  Next bag of this size, I'm going to make it a draw string (i don't use patterns, btw).  For this I was thinking about sewing in zippers.  So the crocheting is finished.   Or I'll do what I did with the green tarot pouch, add a button and a cord to wrap around it.  Be cheaper...  Hopefully I have a suitable button.

6th: Dungeons and Dragons Money Pouch 1/4.  
Double Stitch.  Continuous stitch.

7th: DnD Money Pouch 2/4
Double Stitch.  Continuous stitch.

9th: DnD Money Pouch 3/4
Double Stitch.  Continuous stitch.

25: DnD Money Pouch 4/4
Double Stitch.  Continuous stitch.  First time doing a draw string.

1st: Continuous Single Stitch. I finished the crocheting in January, I believe, but I just finished the entire project on this day.
I made this pouch for my Womanrunes. Inspired by Red Tent rituals, I chose red for menstrual blood and was lucky to find the button! Although smaller than I’d like, I picked this button because it looks like a vagina. I thought it was very fitting for the project.

April 3 - June 5:  First large stuffed animal.  Fox inspired by The Little Prince.  Double Stitch.  

13: Goddess Guidance Oracle Pouch
Double Stitch.  Sewn charm.

16th: Spirit Guides Oracle Pouch
Double Stitch. The colors perfectly match my deck. Haven’t decided on what button or charm to sew on it yet.  I still need to make or buy either a barn owl or a moth to sew onto it. Suggested by the deck booklet, when not in use, one can sit an animal figurine on the deck and ask the spirit for protection and energy. So instead of using any old charm or button, I’m going to sew on an animal that, in my path, represents spirit work.

18th: 13 Witches Runes Bag.  The drawstring of my other bag broke this morning,
so I made a new holder!

23rd: Mythic Oracle Pouch


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