Evolution of Hooking

January 20, 2015 (Year of the Single Stitch):


6th - First Project, Scarf

Unfinished Banner for Hestia, but the crochet part is done.

7th: Memorial Blanket 

Envelope Purse

A blanket that's been in progress since April.  


9th: Wonky Tarot Bag

January 2016:

2:  First stuffed animal.

3: Idle Hands Bag.  Started in December, worked on it during breaks and lunches at work.  Finished it early January 3rd.


21st: Barn Back Pack (only needs a strap and the doors, almost finished), Single Stitch

27th: Shoulder Purse, Single Stitch


25th: Tarot Bag, Single Stitch.  First time doing a button.


17th: Wild Harvest Bag.  Single Stitch.

9th:  My first octopus (gift for Poseidon).  Single Stitch.

21st:  My first squid, Pennie Humbolt.  Single Stitch.  A bit larger than the octopus.

19th: My first snake, representing my home's Agathos Daimon (House Spirits).  
Green body, ivory belly, button eyes, bendy pipe cleaner guts, and is 3 feet long!

19th: Day of Hope Prayer Flag for my son, Nathan Jacen (October 2011).  
Single Stitch.  Some sewing.  Made within a few hours.

23rd: Wildwood Tarot Pouch.  Single Stitch, sown button.  Reused an earlier project, 
that was the perfect fit.  Added some white trim, seamed it, added a button, and an ivory tie.  

28th: Cleric Belt. Wide belt. Single Stitch.  Bernat Blanket.  Soft.  Super Bulky 6. 8mm Hook.  Taupe.  Polyester.
Ties together.

11th: Mom's Throw is finally finished!  Took me a little over a year to make, and I learned a bit, as you can see, since it tapers down a bit and bulges a little.  

11th: Left glove Arm Warmer finished.  Single Stitch. Lion Brand.  Striped Tweed.  Orchid.  Bulky 5.  10.5 Hook.  Acrylic. 
Seamed with Bernat Super Value.  Mulberry.  Medium. 4.  5 mm Hook.  Acrylic.  
Right was finished a couple of days later.

24th: Pot Holder.  Single Stitch.  Caron brand.  Off White.  Medium. 4.  5 mm Hook.  Acrylic.
Double layered and seamed.

January 2017 (Year of the Double Stitch): 
5th: Second tire attempt.  I think I know what I did wrong.  Hopefully next attempt it'll be flatter.  Single stitch.  Continuous circle.

26th: Hufflepuff scarf.  First time Double Stitching successfully.  
I also have a matching glove that I finished on the 27?  When I get the righty done, I'll photograph them both.

28th: Katharmos Towel.  Double Stitch.  Bernat Baby Blanket.  
Super Bulky.

30th: Hufflepuff Hand....arm fingerless glove warmer things.  Double Stitch. 
I know they look more Steeler, but I was running out of yellow and wanted something to match my scarf while it was still cold. So Steelers in season, Hufflepuff off season. :-)

For the scarf, I plan on getting a Hufflepuff patch and sew it on so there's no confusion!

31st: Rune Bag.  Continuous Single Stitch.  Coiled.  Red.  I originally wanted to make it a draw string bag, but I forgot to leave two slits on either side for the strings.  Next bag of this size, I'm going to make it a draw string (i don't use patterns, btw).  For this I was thinking about sewing in zippers.  So the crocheting is finished.   Or I'll do what I did with the green tarot pouch, add a button and a cord to wrap around it.  Be cheaper...  Hopefully I have a suitable button.


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