Hestia, My Matron

Hestia is the Greek Goddess of Hearth and Home; a Domestic Goddess.  She entered my life at a young age, coming to me as a mothering figure.  Even as a child, She slowly taught me basic things like keeping a clean room, cooking, fire tending, and self respect.  

As an adult, those lessons intensified as Her role moved from mother to mentor, as I was moving from a dependent to an independent.  She gave me the strength and courage to not do what was expected of me--of being me and being happy through Her own example of not taking Her place among the Olympians or taking a husband, choosing instead to dedicated Her life to caring for Her family.

When I moved from Maiden to Wife, lessons again intensified.  I learned how to turn housework, not into a tedious chore, but into something deeper, something spiritual.  A cleaning of not just my physical or spiritual home, but also of myself.  My practice as a Kitchen Witch grew as well, as I was more in touch with herbs, foods, crafts, the garden, and the house Spirits, which in turn aided in the growth and a better understanding of my Witchcraft.  

I also followed Her example of being a great hostess to guests - a trait also passed down from my mother - a shared trait that brought us a bit closer.  And of caring for my family.  But it wasn't all about them, as I also had to care for myself.  If I was feeling crappy, how was I going to benefit my family and friends?
After experiencing a traumatic life changing event, She called to me during my darkest moments.   During a time of sorrow, fault, disgust, and wanting to give up on everything.  Hestia asked me to don on a veil.  I thought it was a bit silly, but the wearing of the veil had begun to appear all around me.  In my art work, on the internet, on television, and even in dreams.  More and more images of Her, dressed modestly, Her head covered, also appeared more and more in my life.  She promised that it would heal me, make me stronger, more independent.  The journey wouldn't be an easy one, but I would learn to love myself again.
So, I took to wearing scarves in the "Tichel" and "Snood" styles, mostly in color choices sacred to Her; though She has led me to experimenting with other colors.
(You can read about my and others journeys of Pagan Veiling here related to Hestia, as well as other deities and spiritual reasons.)
Almost immediately, I felt better.  Things were clearer.  Hestia did not disappoint!  Months later, nearing the Mother phase of my journey, I am mostly healed from my ordeal.  I've found Self-Love spiritually and physically, and thus have become more passionate about those around me.  I am a much stronger woman.  And yes, I still veil to show my love and devotion to Her. I'm also beginning to dress more and more modestly, and I've never felt more confident and beautiful in my life!

I've grown tremendously, thanks to Her love and teachings.  I am forever grateful.
A red and white felt doll I made for Her; I allowed my intuition to guide me hand in the selection of stuffing.  I used various charms, herbs, stones, and colored fabric.

Above and below are images of a broomstick I crafted in Her honor.  It currently hangs in my kitchen.

 A simple shrine.  Inside the box are trinkets, stones, herbs, and symbols connected to Her.  On the top is an offering of a Lavender Cookie I made, and one of many red candles that I anoint and light in Her honor when cooking, cleaning, or just when the urge pops up.  This box is currantly in my kitchen as well.  I burn the candles on my modern hearth, ie the stove.  Given that She's a Domestic Goddess, her place is found throughout our home.  The Windstone "Devotion" statue pictured (that I use to represent Hestia) sits in my living room.

Not pictured, I also have an oil burner in the shape of a hearth that I've dedicated to Her.  I burn many space cleansing oils in it, but especially those scents which are sacred to Her, such as Lavender oil.  When it's not burning, I often anoint myself with it as well, as a daily ritual. 

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